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How to Watch Spectrum TV Without a Cable Box: A Comprehensive Guide

In the past, watching cable TV without a cable box was unimaginable. However, with the advent of technology, we can now enjoy our favorite shows without the need for a traditional cable box. This guide will walk you through how to watch Spectrum TV without a cable box, saving you money and providing a more flexible viewing experience.

The Spectrum TV Application

As a Spectrum TV subscriber, you have access to the Spectrum TV application. This app allows you to stream all the channels included in your package without the need for a cable box. The app is designed for HD streaming, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience.

How to Get the Spectrum TV App

To use the Spectrum TV app, you need a device with the app installed and a high-speed internet connection. The Spectrum TV App can be downloaded from the following platforms:

  • Google’s Play Store
  • Apple’s App Store
  • Amazon’s Store

Features of the Spectrum TV App

The Spectrum TV app offers more than just the ability to stream TV channels without a cable box. It also allows you to:

  • Set up favorite categories for channels according to your preference.
  • Fully customize parental control features to set up limitations for kids’ content.
  • Use the filter feature to find your favorite shows based on networks, categories, channel numbers, and so on.

Cost and Compatibility

The Spectrum TV application is completely free for all Spectrum TV subscribers. However, the list and range of available channels for streaming depend on the TV package you have subscribed to. The app is compatible with various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, and TVs. It can be installed on Samsung’s TVs, Apple’s TVs, Fire Tablets, Roku, and Xbox One.

Using Roku

If you prefer using Roku, you can also watch Spectrum TV without a cable box. Spectrum’s channel line-up can be accessed through Roku without any complications. You can access Spectrum’s channel list through the live streaming feature. In addition to that, you will also get unrestricted access to all the premium, on-demand, and broadcast channels that you have subscribed to with Spectrum TV.

To use Spectrum TV on Roku, you need a Spectrum Internet® subscription and a Spectrum TV plan. Then, simply download the Spectrum TV app through Roku’s Channel Store.


Watching Spectrum TV without a cable box has never been easier. Whether you choose to use the Spectrum TV app or Roku, you can enjoy your favorite shows and channels without the need for a traditional cable box. So, why wait? Start streaming today and enjoy a more flexible and convenient viewing experience.