How to Crimp a F-Connector

  cut end of coaxial cableTrim cable as shown using a stripping tool. Trim center conductor end at 45-degree angle.

  BNC connector insert onto coax cableFold braid back

  *NOTE: for quad shield cable cut off first foil and fold back second braid.

  Push connector onto cable twisting in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction until cable dielectric is flush with connector mandrel face.

  bnc connector about to crimpMake sure “F” die head is in crimp tool.

  Nest cable and connector into crimp tool

  *NOTE: For right angle and female connector use no die head.

  crimp tool compressing bnc connectorSqueeze handle. Crimp tool is ratcheted and will release when compression is completed.

  finished BNC ConnectorRemove connector and cable from tool and give a pull (30 lbs) to assure proper termination.