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what are the different types of network cables used in networking

  differentiate between forward lookup and reverse lookup in DNS

  what is beaconing

  differentiate between attenuation distortion and noise

  what is bandwidth

  what do you mean by a node

  what is a subbet

  why is it important to encrypt a network

  what is a client server model and how does it work

  discuss the network protocols that windows RRAS service support

  discuss the requirements of setting up a server

  discuss the IP classes and how one can identify the ip class in a given ip address

  define static ip and dynamic ip

  how is a switch different from a hub

  discuss the different types of network topologies and brief their advantanges

  differentiate between communication and transmission

  what are the kinds of network cables that are used in networking

  what is network cabling and how does it work

  discuss on the types of transparencies

  Tp monitor does mainly two things extremely well they process management and transaction management ,,discuss

  what is meant by asymmetrical protocols

  what is meant by transparency

  why would you not want to biuld redundancy into a network

  when planning ro biuld a network where would considernot to implement redudant paths

  what the pusrs factors on the factorial elements

  discuss on the components of the pusrs

  discuss on the advantanges and disadvantges of purs

  what is NAT

  what is the importanceof implementing a fault tolerance system

  what does 10 base T mean