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how to create a network topology using packet tracer?

  Hi i have a question to do and the question is as follows but am a bit a beginner in this field can you please help me out, thanks.

  You are required to design a medium size network consisting of at least fourbackbones. One of these backbones should be restricted fully to a small group of

  staffs for e.g. those in the finance department.

  You should have several scenario in your design to show security issues (e.g. Access

  Control Lists -ACL) as well as performance issues for e.g. by using different devices,

  or media.

  The network diagram should shows devices like routers, switches, circuits, and the

  servers/workstations at each site. You should plan to have server for different

  functions , e.g. web servers, files servers or print servers.

  Use appropriate IP addressing scheme to assign IP addresses to the appropriate

  interfaces on all routers and computers in the internetwork.

  Use static addressing on all PCs and servers in the network.

  The team leader asks the technician to write down a short summary of the purpose of

  each ACL, the interfaces upon which they will be applied, and the direction of the

  ACL, i.e. inbound or outbound. He then needs to list the exact commands that will be

  used to create and apply the ACLs to the router interfaces.