How to Connect a Computer to a Server

  How to Connect a Computer to a Server

  Level of difficulty: Intermediate

  The process of creating computer networks is somewhat complex, considering the various options available with each its own specific hardware, software, and cabling requirements. Majority of Local Area Network (LAN) connections implemented in computing environments make use of routing devices that allow the sharing of resources like printers, hard drives, and Internet connections. The use of computer interconnection allows the reduction of operation costs as well as maximizing computing benefits and supporting the deployment of services like network games and file sharing among others. For wired networks, the most ideal set-up is what is normally referred to as the star structure.

  Materials Needed:- Network Interface Cards (NIC) for each computer (if none is present)

  - RJ45 Ethernet cables

  - Network router

  - Client and Server computers (preferably using the same Operating System)