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21 Best Ways to Get Free Premium Cable Channels 2021

  A lot of people spend more money paying for some of the premium channels that they don’t watch or so that they can be able to watch the channels when they want but what they don’t know is that it’s possible to enjoy free cable TV for life by watching cable premium channels without paying any amount. You’ll get all access as paid users. Some of the ways on how to get free premium cable channels to included below. Now, let get started with the 21 best ways to get free premium cable channels.21 Best Ways to Get Free Premium Cable Channels1. Getting over the air HDTV antenna

  Do you know how to get free satellite tv with a dish? Yes, the HDTV antenna will work for both. Over the air (OTA) high definition antenna offer both free cable TV for life for both basic and premium channels. This antenna offers better signals especially to the people living broadcast towers approximately 35 miles from the tower. You can save on the OTA antenna investment by using the leftover cables that might have been left by your cable TV providers. The HDTV antenna also offers free local channels.2. Getting free cable TV through mobile apps

  You can also get free cable TV for life through your Smartphone. You can connect the Smartphone with the TV for ease when it comes to watching the channels. To get the free premium channels through the phone, you require an On-the-Go (OTG) USB adapter and High definition interface cable (HDIM). Ensure you buy the required hardware and carefully read the manufacturers’ instructions. Some of the premium channels that you can get through your Smartphone include cartoon channel, history channel, among others.

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  how to get free premium cable channels

  You can also stream your cable TV online and be able to watch your favorite premium channels. Some of the websites that one can use for streaming include, which mainly focuses on television programming. You can also visit network websites of the premium channels such as,?, and This website allows customers to view their programs live without paying any fees. You can also watch previous episodes of a certain program as you wait for the program to be aired. You can also visit the classic television website and be able to get your premium channels for free.4. Purchase Roku TV

  Roku TV is a small device that is easily installed on TV and allows one to be able to stream premium channels free of charge. Some of the premium channels that one can access through Roku TV include all 4, Netflix, HBO, Showtime BBC iPlayer, among others. The disadvantage of Roku TV is that its shows are usually interrupted by advertisements since the device is usually supported by advertising.5. Buying Amazon fire stick and Amazon fire TV cube

  Amazon fire stick helps you to gain access to over 500,000 movies and TV series. It is among the most efficient gadgets for getting free premium channels. For you to get the free premium channels, you install the amazon fire stick to your TV’s HDMI port and then connect to the Wi-Fi. Some of the premium channels that one can get through the Amazon fire stick include Hulu, ShowTime, Netflix, NBC, Prime video, among others.

  You can also buy Amazon fire TV cube which is described as a first hands-free streaming media player with Alexa, and it works the same as Amazon fire stick, and in addition to the premium channels one can access the prime shows such as Thursday night football, ‘Sneaky Pete’ and ig sick.’6. Purchasing a triple play system

  You can buy a triple play system that provides you with free premium channels as a bonus for buying the system. The system is highly efficient since it uses a high-speed internet fiber cable for connection. That help to setup unlimited internet plans for home. The best triple system is the Comcast Xfinity.7. Watching with free internet

  You can also know how to get free internet at home without paying. And watch free internet the premium channels. Some sites allow you to get free internet including FreedomPop and EveryoneOn provided you can meet the required criteria. After gaining access to free internet, you can now connect your TV using an HDMI interface to get free premium channels. The main disadvantage of using free internet is the speed of the show is low.8. Using Google Chromecast

  This device provides access to free premium channels such as Netflix, Hulu, among others. You can also install the device to your TV provided you have the required hardware, and your TV has HDMI port.9. Government Schemes

  Some states such as Maryland, Nebraska, Minnesota, among others tend to pay some expenses for their civilians who relocate to government schemes provided you relocate as a remote worker. Some of those expenses include Broadband internet bills, and thus one can use this Broadband internet to get free premium channels using other devices such as Amazon fire stick, Roku TV, among others.10. Using Kodi

  This is a media player that allows one to view music, videos, Podcasts from local internet, and storage media. For you to be able to watch free premium channels, then you require a laptop that will be able to receive videos from Kodi.

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  Sling TV allows one to be able to stream videos through television sets, smartphones, and digital media players. The TV set is compatible with other devices such as Roku, Google chromecast, Amazon fire TV cube, among others.12. Registering for a free video streaming online

  You can also get free cable premium channels by signing up to sites that allow free streaming of videos. Such websites include series cravings, TV box, and Some of the networks, including Fox, Lifetime, CBS, NBC, and ABC, allow their users to be able to watch some of their shows for free online.13. Using Tubi TV

  This is another type of device that allows you to get premium channels for free online. The site doesn’t require any registration.14. Popcornflix

  This another alternative that one can use to stream premium channel shows online without any fees. Like the Tubi TV, the site doesn’t require any registration.15. Purchasing an Android TV box

  Android TV box allows one to stream videos directly on the TV. One is also able to stream TV shows from famous apps and websites such as Netflix, Showtime, among others. For you to be able to get free premium channels on your TV set then you have to connect the Android TV box to your TV then connect it to your WIFI or Ethernet. One is also able to download an app such as YouTube that helps in streaming some of the premium shows. This Android TV box comes already loaded with movies and apps, and one is also able to get high definition telecast if the device is connected with a compatible TV.16. Purchasing Pluto TV

  With this kind of TV, one can watch shows on premium channels live as they stream like when using cable TV. Some of the premium channels that one can watch using Pluto TV include; NBC news, TV comedy, TV thrillers, sky news, cracked, TYT Network, CNBC, The onion, action movies among others.17. Using YouTube

  Advancement in YouTube platforms as made it easy for someone to stream shows online. Although some episodes might not be full, sometimes the clips that are available from the show may be just as good.18. Checking Your Local Library

  Some of the local libraries have up to date shows, and this can be a better way to get some of your premium channel shows for free. Check the library database for some of your favorite movies and shows.19. Xbox

  Two types of Xbox are one-S and one-Z. The two Xbox allows one to access a few premium channel shows for free through live streaming.20. Yahoo view

  This is another alternative that you can use in getting free cable premium channels; this is by allowing you to stream your favorite shows online.21. Vudu

  This is another online site that one can use to stream movies and shows for a small amount or even for free. Some of the premium channels show that one can access through this site include sports prime, movies, TV shows, among others.

  There are other sites that you can use to stream shows on premium channels online such as AOL,, video, retroversion,, Sony crackle,, global TV, among others.

  Although Us federal communication commission announced its plan to make it mandatory for all Paid cable TV networks to provide their users with several choices. This will enable them to watch both basic and premium channels including appropriate software and apps, it’s thus important to do your research on various network providers because there are those offering some premium channels for free.Final Outline

  It’s also important that before deciding to pay for your cable premium channels to look for other alternatives since there are numerous cheaper or even free alternatives that one can use to get the same premium channels. You can also watch free movies and videos from the channel website such as Netflix and Hulu.

  You can also try to talk to your current network providers to see if they can give you some promotional premium channels for free. It’s important to ensure that you install the devices according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The discussed above are some of the ways on how to get free premium channels.