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How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

  Security cameras or CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras are a great addition to any house or office. They increase security and surveillance of the property greatly, keep intruders away and record everything in case of any incident such as theft or accidents. They prevent many illegal activities because just looking at the cameras incites the fear of getting caught into people.

  Other than that, they are a great way to monitor everything happening at your home or office, when you are away. Live security feeds can be accessed directly from laptop or cell phones that show real-time footage from the cameras. They also record camera footage and have playback options that span back months. Some systems even come with facial recognition. In many countries, having a security camera system at your place of work or living allows you to get incentivized insurance rates due to a lower chance of crime or mishap?

  Setting up a CCTV camera system at the house is a fairly easy task. You need to set up the cameras, power them up and hook them to the DVR. These days, many DIY security camera systems are available on the market that makes it even easier. It is advised though, that you hire a professional to set up the system.

  A major problem with setting up your security camera system is that it is not easy to hide or disguise the camera wires. This ruins the aesthetic and poses a security hazard as well. If your wires are visible, an intruder can simply cut them while standing at a blind spot, making your camera useless. Therefore, it is important that all camera wires be hidden while installing a security system.

  Ways to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

  If you are willing to set up a security camera system yourself and are struggling to hide the wires, following these steps may prove useful:

  Paint The Wires To Match The Walls

  This is the simplest way to hide your security camera wires on the outside. Tape or clip the wires neatly along the wall, so they do not dangle, and paint over them the same color as the background wall. This will improve the look and enhance security. The wires would not be visible to intruders until they are actually within the line of sight of the cameras. These days, you can easily find flat cables for the cameras. They sit flush along the wall and become invisible to the eye when painted to match with the wall.

  Get Wires That Are The Same Color As The Wall

  ?If you are unable to find the same paint as your walls or find painting difficult or irritating, you can instead go for wires that are colored the same as your walls. Camera wires come in many different colors, so it should be easy to match them with the wall of your house.

  ?Use Plastic Tubing To Cover The Wires

  ?This is a complicated method but one of the best. It involves running a plastic tube through the well. After that is done, the cables can be passed through it to their destination, therefore hiding them completely. This completely hides the cables and protects them from all sorts of external damage such as bad weather, intruders and animals. In case of an emergency though, these wires are tough to access, and a professional may be needed to do so.

  ?Install Wires Within The Ceiling And Walls

  ?If your house has a false ceiling in the house, the security camera cables can be very easily run through them. Simply find a gap on top of the ceiling to run the cables. This works even better if holes are drilled in the walls to hide the cameras. It makes your system highly undetectable. This method is most suitable when the power outlet or the DVR is on the other side of the wall, in which case it would not involve too much drilling.

  ?Hide The Wires Inside Baseboards

  ?Baseboards run along the walls on the bottom. Hiding the wires inside them is probably the tidiest way to conceal your wires. Most baseboards can easily be removed. Once removed, run the cables through the gap in the wall and floor. After that is done, you can simply put the baseboard back and voila!

  ?Bury The Cables Inside Your Porch Or Garden

  ?This is another very good option, but it involves a lot of labor to make it possible. The viable way to do this is to get the cables buried during construction. That way there will be no mess afterward, and the cables would easily be buried and hidden.

  ?Build A Cable Run Through The Building

  ?This is a long process and generally involves a professional to do it. A cable run is built around the house or building using plastic pipes, covers, drilling holes inside the walls and making mounts for the cameras and other associated systems. Once the structure is complete, it is quite simple to set up the security system. The wires are run through the cable run, ensuring that they are protected from external forces and are hidden as well.

  ?Get A Wireless Security Camera System

  ?This is the simplest way to get rid of all the wires and cables. Wireless security camera systems come either with batteries or with solar-based charger systems. You mount the cameras at your favored spots, power them up, and the wireless system will automatically connect to the main hub.

  Wireless security cameras are more expensive than wired ones, but they have been getting more affordable with time. They are worth it because they save the hassle of running the wiring through the house to conceal them.


  ?Hopefully, by following the ways mentioned above, you would be able to conceal your security camera wires with ease. We still recommend hiring a professional to do the setup.