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How To Watch The US Open Without A Cable Subscription


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  The US Open is in full swing, but if you don’t have cable it might feel like a never ending battle when trying to catch this event live.

  Fear not cable-less tennis fans! If you know where to look, there are several ways to enjoy all the excitement of the US. Open. Yes, even if you lack a cable box or subscription. Even better, you won’t have to worry about any illegal streaming shenanigans just to make it happen. Below you’ll find a few helpful suggestions–the sooner you try them out, the sooner you’ll be caught up on all the action!

  Use Sling TV And Get A Free Week Of Streaming

  Sling TV is of the most popular replacements for traditional cable in recent years. It’s a streaming service that lets customers access channels like AMC, FX, Food Network, and several sports network. That includes ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. This is important because certain US Open matches will be broadcasted across all three channels.

  Pricing for Sling TV starts at an affordable $20 per month and goes up to $25 with Sling Blue and $40 with Sling Orange. If you’re not sure about whether you want to commit to Sling TV, then there’s some good news: The service offers a free week to new subscribers. That means enjoying a week of your favorite tennis stars and other streaming perks without paying a single cent!

  Try Playstation Vue Free For A Few Days

  Playstation Vue is a streaming service that’s seen its status rise as it promises to bring quality entertainment to cord-cutters. Playstation Vue offers different packages for subscribers, ranging from $39.99 to $74.99. Like Sling, Playstation Vue offers a free-trial period; new customers will have five days to consider the pros and cons of the service.

  One caveat worth noting is that ESPN and ESPN2 are offered as part of the least expensive package–you’ll have to pay a bit extra for ESPNEWS. And even if you go all out, ESPN3 is not available with to Playstation Vue customers at this time.

  Use WATCH ESPN Or Get The ESPN App

  Since most of the US Open action is going to be taking place via ESPN, it makes perfect sense to go directly to the network, right? Well, it’s slightly complicated. First, ESPN’s streaming service isn’t independent. Instead, ESPN partnered with various TV providers. You can watch ESPN live via their website or their app. However, certain ESPN services (and the app specifically) requires an actual TV provider. If one gets their internet from Xfinity but not their cable television services, it’s possible to stream the US Open via ESPN’s website. That aside, you’ll likely need a TV provider. Fortunately, one isn’t necessarily required to have a cable service provider. If you signed up for the previously suggested Sling TV or Playstation VUE, it’s possible to use ESPN’s website or app to watch the US Open.

  Depending on your budget, it’s relatively easy to find the streaming service that’s right for your needs. As the US Open has already gotten under way, you don’t have much time to weigh your options without risking missing too much of the action. Whatever you choose, you can at least be assured that streaming options will let you watch the exciting tennis matches on your TV, computer or phone. If you’re not looking to commit long-term, it’s also reassuring to know you can watch as much of the US Open as you want for free over the next few days!

  (Image courtesy Andreas Komodromos via Flickr.)