From automotive racing to deep-sea diving, high applications demand dependable, high-performance components.? Coaxial cable termination offers a huge range of connectors and cable assemblies that are perfect for use on land, in water, or in the air. Lightweight, easy, compact to deploy and keep up in the field, our products are reliable and rugged, with high shock and vibration resistance. Work closely with your engineering team to construct the right connector and cable assembly answer for your vehicle, project, or device.

Nowadays coaxial connectors have to be robust-performing and offer nearly flawless signal transmission to combine the very large amounts of traffic going back and forth from provider to end-user.

Enhanced demand and high-performance requirements mean that service providers have to use the latest techniques to bring new and enhanced products to market. This implies that Coaxial cable termination throughout the network and the residence must perform ideally and must contribute as little as possible to the cost of maintaining the communications network.

On the off chance, the set-top box was originally installed properly by an engineer, that doesn’t mean it will stay properly installed. It is not different for homeowners to rearrange the internal of their home. When this occurs they may disconnect the F-fittings to relocate the box to another location in the room, and it is likely that during this disconnection the connectors will be left slacked.

A homeowner may cables and connectors when trying to add additional equipment like an Audio or Video Receiver. When they reassemble the connectors it is likely they will be installed less than tight.

What are the Different Types of RF Coaxial Connector?

In radiofrequency (RF) applications the cable is needed to offer a consistent level of impedance at the point where the connection is made. This kind of cable is offered with protection that serves to insulate the RF being carried through the cable from interference from external the cable.

RF coaxial connectors are sensitive devices. When they are obstructed to environmental conditions or mechanical stress that they are not made to tolerate, they can easily get damaged. Hence it is vital to Make sure that the proper connector is chosen for a given application.

Our range includes:

  • BNC connectors – It is used with numerous different types of RF coaxial cable and come at numerous impedance specs.
  • SMA connectors – This is available in subminiature and standard sizes, in a huge range of distinct mounting types and termination methods.
  • N-type connectors – It is accessible in 50- and 75-ohm models. They are available with a wide range of options for connector type, cable type, mounting type, and more.
  • RF and coaxial adapters – It allows different types of cables to be linked and come in many impedance ratings, operating frequencies, contact plating, and more.

There is a huge range of shapes and sizes of RF coaxial connectors. Some of them are small enough to fit on PCBs and others are small enough to fit within the phone’s bodies. Some connectors are much bigger, perfectly designed to be utilized in broadcasting facilities, large-scale data facilities, and even in military applications the durability is offered, also the resistance to damage and disconnection are important to safety.

There is a huge variety of accessible, due to the variety of different factors the connector has to be compatible with. There are RF coaxial connectors perfectly designed to work with all kinds of cables and perform under distinct operating conditions. Some designs are perfect to encounter shock, harsh environments, and vibration, and other threats.

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