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How To Replace A Power Door Lock Actuator

  How To Replace A Power Door Lock Actuator

  tools required to fix door locksThis procedure is from a 2001 F-150 with power door lock problems. This article shows you how to change your door lock actuator. This article should apply to 1997-2003 F-150 pickups, but could also apply to other models and other years of trucks.

  Tools Required

  3/16, #2 Phillips, 1/8 screwdrivers

  T25 torx

  1/4, 7/16, 10mm sockets

  ratchets to fit

  Door Lock Actuator Removal Instructions

  For starters, be sure the window is in the up position, and disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Safety first!

  Next, remove the door panel. Remove the vertical panel by pulling straight out (already removed in this picture). Then, remove the door handle cover and panel with the control buttons. These just pull out, for the switch panel, pry at it from the front end of it. Then, remove the two screws, one at the top rear of the panel, and one just near the front of the inside door handle.

  Remove the electrical connectors from button panel. Then carefully lift entire panel. Use caution, the wire for the courtesy light is attached. Twist bulb holder 1/4 turn to remove.

  In the next picture there is a yellowish object in the middle of the photo where the lock knob rod connects to. Unlatch and remove that from the actuator. Remove the 7/16 bolt from the bottom of the black rail shown on the right. It’s not necessary to remove this from the door.

  In the next picture, release the cable at the two white points (between the yellow parts), and then remove the screw at the back of the door handle. Rotate the cable out of the way a bit, toward the front of the door.

  Remove the outside door latch by loosening the 10mm nuts inside door. This is easier when the window seal rail is moved out of the way. After removing the nuts, the latch can be removed by tilting the top out first. Use care not to scratch door. You unhook the rod from the black metal circle part just to the right of center in the photo. You unlatch from the latch rod on the white plastic piece in the middle (white).

  Remove the three T25 bolts that hold the latch assembly in place. Rotate around window rail. Remove wires from door lock actuator and the door closed sensor. Notice lock rod is rotated to right.

  The door close sensor plug (purple) is very close to actuator, but does not have to be moved.

  Unlatch with screwdriver (shown), and work up and off of metal guides (one on either side of where the screwdriver is, two short metal parts).

  The actuator on the left is the one I removed from the truck, the one on the right is the replacement. The straight profile is easier to install, does not interfere with the purple plug.

  Reassembly is reverse of disassembly. It is easier to install outside door latch before tightening the T25 bolts.

  Expect this procedure to take approximately 1 hour per door

  Article written by member gdt17402.

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