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How to Make an Online TV Channel: Everything You Need to Get Started

  Last Updated — October 2021

  Content + Concept=Channel

  The context elucidates the nature of an online streaming channel.

  We can say this because the variability of each content with different video business concepts shapes unique streaming channels that are favorable to your customer needs.

  However, the revolution of traditional networks and cable is slowly shrinking day by day. A new renovation of television is arising to transform the conventional viewing practices of TV channels to the next level.

  Learning Online TV Scenario:

  Online TV channels are flourishing in the entire entertainment industry into a wider range by streaming videos and television programs using the Internet.

  This new technology of web television broadcasting has been a treasure trove for many content publishers to generate revenue by starting an online television network.

  online tv scenario

  At the end of the day, the mindset is all about choosing what you want to watch rather than what the operator broadcast.

  When we talk about the broadcasting culture, it has started to transform in the early ’20s when the fame of the internet started to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

  To your surprise, people between the ages 18-34 are found with reduced consumption of conventional TV by 15.3%. On the other hand, people who are aged between 35-49 have been observed with a decreased count of the traditional TV viewership by 8.7%.


  The TV streaming industry is heating up to battle across all categories right from TV shows, OTT movies, Sports, and more.

  OTT platform‘s that urge to create an online TV channel?has the capacity to thrive in the video streaming business for content marketers via various websites, mobile app, tablet, smart TV, etc.

  The transformation of different sizes of screens and platforms instantly increases the opportunity for the future of online TV over stereotypical cable bundles.

  In order to understand the wide array of the online TV market, it’s essential to know the progression of?future TV.

  The Future of Online TV Channels Looks Pretty Great for Entrepreneurs & Media Owners

  The war between online television & traditional broadcasters started when the initial stage of video streaming, OTT app platforms came into existence.

  Here are the major 4 reasons!

  Cable TV is facing growing cut-throat competition with brands like YouTube, HBO, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

  Moreover, online streaming is peeping every nook and corner disrupting cable bundles.

  The revolution of online TV channels cut down the cost of more than a million cable bundles and maximized the audience base.

  With the trend of online TV streaming, there is always the possibility for entrepreneurs and enterprises to leverage on the business of streaming online TV.

  Commercials & OTT always get along together!

  The commercials are trying positively to compete with the ever-growing streaming industry where many OTT platform streaming industries have proven it’s possible to create a massive business in the television industry without being dependent on advertisers.

  The reasons behind the growth of Online TV channels are pretty vast since traditional TVs can’t assure 100% satisfaction (demand is more, quality content found less) for every customer.

  So, what & why creating an online TV channel is always a better option!

  Let’s unleash the fact for you to reap its maximum profit potentiality…

  Why is it Necessary to Create Your Own TV Channel Online?

  Today, the competition in online video streaming is high especially when you know the growth in this popular space is going to soar more.

  Much so ever to give a personalized solution to all sorts of audiences we all know that entertainment is no longer confined to the living room alone!

  And yes that’s a major fact for content creators to start an online TV channel!

  To substantiate that, here come interesting stats for your business knowledge…

  The list of big brands in this lucrative business is extending, when we look into Disney+ streaming service as of now it has around 95 million paid subscribers.

  Having said that, ESPN+ & Hulu which is developed with direct to consumer platforms model has profitable conversions. It sees an average monthly revenue growth per paid subscriber, with overall 26% raise for utilizing its live TV service.


  These insights would cover the importance to describe your worthy decision of how to broadcast your own TV station.

  Start online tv channel

  Prime Differentiation Between Online TV Channels and Traditional TVs That Every Content Owner & Distributor Should Be Aware of

  Traditional TV?

  Even though traditional Cable TV channels have more than 20 million TV channels, these channels can’t serve 100% of their customer’s needs.

  Traditional advertising models have faded since the media companies has shifted its viewing trends

  Traditional TV setups let’s you to browse less quality-based content within fixed hours

  Conventional TV provides basic entertainment programs like daily soaps, movies, music, sports, news, etc.

  Online TV?

  Thanks to the emergence of online TV. Seeing its popularity users were interested to create own channels & broadcast content within their self-made platforms

  The paradigm shift from Pay-TV to subscription-based models were popular that bought innovation in shifted trends

  Online TVs give you the option of quality-graded content to watch it anytime.

  Internet TV gives you the freedom to choose from a vast list of TV programs, On-demand movies, Live Podcasts, TV shows, games, etc.

  So, Why Do You Need to Create an Online TV Channel To Stay Ahead in the Entertainment Market?

  ott in entertainment

  Regardless of businesses enticing your customers is the prime motto for any brand to flourish in the market. Likewise, Traditional TV channels have to offer multiple packages of Pay-TV options to delight their customers.

  Some of its limitations are :

  1. Put a Stake Within Viewership Territory

  We know that all cable operators under the federal communication commission report can maintain let’s say 100 channels and the remaining group of channels can be reserved for leased access.

  The renting costs were before determined by the number of subscribers & channel distributors. Yes, this is now no more practised!

  But now, as a platform owner you can put your worries as to how to start a TV channel on the internet and maximize your revenue factors, since the whole platform infrastructure added with result-oriented metrics is under your control.

  2. Set Your Own Personalized Streaming Equipment

  It is highly recommended for you as top streamers to provide quality material when it comes to popularizing your very own broadcasting media platform.

  Therefore, it becomes pivotal to use high-quality software & hardware in contrast to VHS recordings that are used by many cable companies.

  Having said that, another option that can be used to enhance your media-based career, is to live stream your valuable content using video streaming equipment & internet within your online TV channel.

  3. Announce Your Online TV Channel

  When you think about going for a grand launch you’ll want to reassure that your target is enjoying your watch shows, right!

  In order to fulfill your rigorous viewership counts you can explore marketing tools within your white-labelled streaming platform.

  Reach out to the social platforms where the world resides & spends much of their time on a real-time basis to promote your local promotional events, big show launches, new premium VODs, etc.

  4. Captivate Prospective Lump Sum Paychecks

  Well, when you hop into making a difference in the streaming marketplace you might as well think to line up every advertorial brand marketers.

  The best way is to collaborate with production distributor companies, where you can override cable bundlers who persuade local networking firms to showcase promotional media pieces on a heavy pay back.

  Instead you can associate to give them space to place their ads and generate surplus cash flow individually. More of such promoters within your video on demand platform can raise standards of your overall monetization strategy.

  Shift From Traditional TV Broadcasting To Online TV Channels Through OTT Platforms To Reduce the Shrinkage of Pay-TV Subscribers

  CONTUS VPlayed provides everything right from infrastructure to customization and monetization models to build your own online TV streaming platform to broadcast TV shows, Movies, and content across devices and geographical locations.

  Top Reasons To Shift Your Traditional TV Operations To Online TV Channels

  CONTUS VPlayed provides all the necessary streaming opportunities like VOD, OTT, Live Streaming, Audio Streaming for Content owners, Distributors, Cable Owners to build their own Online TV streaming platform.

  The Online TV streaming software is built on Microservice Architecture which is one of the prime technologies used to stream OTT & live stream content.

  CONTUS VPlayed comes with 100% customization feasibility for enterprises to customize any feature in the front and backend of online TV applications.

  Deliver the best functionality to stream content, and Global CDN to distribute content irrespective of regions & devices.

  VPlayed provides flexible video on demand hosting opportunities such as On-premises and On-cloud Infrastructure for control of the product.

  Our solution lets you own the entire online TV channel software with your desired brand.

  The solution comes with a 5+ revenue generation opportunity for cable owners and content owners to reap better revenue profit than traditional Cord TVs.

  Alright, that’s a lot of stuff to ponder upon!

  But, How Can I Start My Own Internet TV Channel?

  It isn’t a much complex facet to create your own web TV until you strategize your business category and requirements to start broadcasting online content across geographical locations.

  Conceptualizing the type of content you want to broadcast, a revenue module that would fit the strategy and content niche, let’s say like Educational, Pure Entertainment, Health & Online Fitness Platform, and more.

  Partnering with one of the leading online TV solution providers who have the capability to build one with futuristic features and functionalities will help you reach your business goals.

  Whatever the online TV channel software requirements, there’ll be an ideal solution for it. In the same sense, CONTUS VPlayed is one of the prominent OTT solution providers in the market to start your own online TV channel on multiple devices like Smartphones and the Web and to reach a global audience base.

  What is all CONTUS VPlayed?

  CONTUS VPlayed is a custom OTT solution provider in the market aiming to help content owners, broadcasters, Cable owners, distributors to build an Online TV channel software with all the features to make the streaming more precise. The VOD streaming platform comes with high scalable CMS, Streaming Infrastructure integrated with adaptive bitrate streaming and features.

  Why CONTUS VPlayed is the Right Choice to Build Your Own Online TV Channel?

  1. Contus VPlayed offers complete customization of the online TV channel solution that adapts to your business needs.

  2. The solution is expertise in building online TV platforms whatever the device and platform you demand.

  3. Contus VPlayed technologies are driving the TV experience you demand across the devices.

  Features That Drives the Streaming TV Experience to Next Level

  Multi-Layered Video Security Systems

  Multiple Set of Monetization Strategies for Online TV Channel

  Subscription: Create?a?subscription website, that amplify your business model with an online TV subscription to a new level with ongoing customer relationships and enabling customers to access the content with different subscription tenures.

  TV Advertising: Leverage a better revenue model with TV advertising that ensures an effective growth of the brands and creates a deeper relationship between people and brands.

  Catch Up TV: Through the Catch up TV monetization model, re-broadcasting of programs which are already published or live stream in its parent channel.

  Pay-per-view model: Get paid for every viewership. With the PPV monetization model, you can enable users to watch the content-based PPV model or can allow them to purchase any specific content.

  Sponsorship: Position one or more advertisers as a partner to your online content where you can get a certain percentage for every deal generated through your online TV platform.

  All right!

  Monetization Models is the money-minting hallmark that you can possess with this online tv channel.

  As the viewing of Video is shifting from Desktop view to Mobile View, the methods of enhancing this lucrative online tv channel business also primarily balloons. The streaming of content over the online TV channel trend is wholly practiced globally to ensure income through a diverse video monetization platform?option such as Advertising, Video On demand, Monthly Subscriptions, and Much More features across the platforms.

  Bottom Line:

  The Online TV revolution is taking place to create a massive impact in the streaming industry, Content Owners and Business Professionals should make a closer look to trigger their lucrative business by partnering with some world-class OTT platform provider who can make your splendid Online TV Channel with engaging technologies and Features that befits to this modern streaming Industry.

  If you already have an idea about creating an online tv channel, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!

  Create Online TV Channel

  Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  1. How To Start a TV Channel On The Internet?

  When you plan to start your online TV channel you can lay the groundwork right from shopping the front-end to its back-end platform requirements. At the same time, you can safely control your streaming content with something known as CMS, stream unlimited content with limitless bandwidth. All of this you can Whitelabel it completely & check with user analytics to track your number of channel views, demographics, & build ROIs.

  2. What Are The Essential Features Needed For The Online?TV?Channel?

  Some of the level-headed & key features that are required before commencing your customized online TV channel are: Internet Protocol Television, Global CDN, End-To-End Video Analytics, Time Shifted Programming, Lifetime Platform

  Ownership, Flexible Platform Deployment options, and much more.

  3. How Can I Monetize Online?TV?Channels And Make Money?

  Now with extraordinary monetization plans, you can leverage to fill your revenue backpacks using SVOD, AVOD, TVOD or Pay-Per-View, SSAI, Coupons & Promotions, etc. Position your branded online TV content according to marketing strategies to make the best money using your own subscribed OTT channels.

  4. How Much Does It Cost To Create An Online?TV?Channel?

  So the key factor that depends on your internet TV channel narrows down to cost. All I can tell you is that when you find the right equipment, technological infrastructure, and thoroughly know your audience, market line it will help you to decide the investment factors wisely. Also, the type of business model with path-striking features comes into major play during the launch of the online-based TV stations.