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How to install coax cable end connector fittings

Hey there, aspiring cable whisperers! Are you ready to tackle the world of coaxial cable end fittings? It’s not rocket science, but hey, it’s not tying your shoelaces either. Let’s dive into the magical world of coax cables, where a little practice turns you into a pro. And remember, when you’re out shopping for coaxial cable end connectors, grab a few extras. Once you crimp or compress these little guys, they’re not up for a second round. They’re a bit like a bad haircut – no do-overs.

Solid Copper RG 6 Coax Cable: Your New Best Friend

Here’s what you need:

  • Custom lengths with watertight compression fittings (because nobody likes a leaky cable).
  • Available Tool Kit (because using your teeth is not recommended).

The Toolbox of Champions

  • Compression Tool Kit: Includes a compression tool, one-step wire strippers, a cable cutter, and 10 top-notch compression fittings.
  • Basic Tools: We’ve got crimp tools for those crimp-type fittings, compression tools for… you guessed it, compression fittings, a set of quality wire cutters (because squashed cables are a big no-no), and wire strippers (making your life easier since… now).

Step #1: The Art of Stripping Adjust those coaxial cable wire strippers. Aim to expose the center copper wire and barely nick the rubber jacket. It’s like peeling an orange without touching the fruit inside. A few tries and you’ll get the hang of it.

Step #2: Spin to Win With the stripper set, insert the cable, and give it a whirl. When it spins freely, gently pull the stripper, revealing a perfectly prepped cable. It’s like magic, but without the wand.

Step #3: The Slide and Crimp Slide on the connector (use pliers if it plays hard to get). For crimp fittings, make sure the white insulation hugs the inside center of the connector like a perfect handshake. For compression fittings, it’s a similar love story.

Crimping vs. Compression: The Showdown

  • Crimp Fitting: Get that cable into the crimp tool (RG 59 or RG 6, we don’t judge) and give it a good squeeze. It’s like giving your cable a firm handshake.
  • Compression Fitting: Slide the connector into the compression tool (copper wire leading the charge). Squeeze it like it’s a lemon you’re juicing for a refreshing drink. For TV coax cables, don’t forget the “F” adapter – it’s the secret sauce.

Pre-made RG 6 Solid Copper Coax Cable Choose from 2.5 to 150 feet, all ready to roll with compression fitting attached. Because sometimes, pre-made is just easier.

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Get the Full Kit and Caboodle Our Compression Tool Kit has everything you need to become a coax cable guru, including the much-needed coffee break. Check out our Coax Cabling Tool Kit, Coax Cable and Accessories, TV Antennas, Preamplifiers, and the Professional Wiring Kit with Tools. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of cable installation.