What channel is Pac-12 Network? How to find the conference on your TV provider

  Alright, I know you’re panicking. The game you’re looking for is right about to start, but it’s on Pac-12 Networks. You either have never heard of that or you forgot where to find it.

  If you’re on Dish Network: either channel 409 or 406

  Verizon FIOS: 591 (HD) or 91 (SD)

  Charter Spectrum: 372-381

  AT&T U-Verse: 1759-61 (HD) or 759-61 (SD)

  If you’re on DirecTV then, my friend, you are just out of luck. The network is still yet to ink an agreement with DirecTV, sorry.

  For any other carrier, head here.

  Also, you can stream on Pac-12 Network’s website, but you need a cable login, so call your parents and use theirs.

  If the cable thing isn’t really your deal and you’ve cut the cord, then you can catch Pac-12 Networks on Sling TV and Fubo TV. You’ll need to buy an add-on package for Sling, but Fubo offers Pac-12 in its basic package.

  What exactly are the Pac-12 Networks?

  In a post-Big Ten Network age, everyone wants their own conference network. While the Pac-12 was the second conference to have a network, it was the first one that was wholly owned by the conference. It left the network on its own when in negotiation because it didn’t have a FOX or an ESPN backing it, and it’s a big reason why it’s not on DirecTV. There’s reason to be optimistic that this will change in the near future. Pac-12 Networks just introduced a new president who used to be the head of DirecTV sports network.

  The Pac-12’s network is unique, in that it has one main set of programming, along with custom programming for each of its regions (Arizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, and Washington).

  It may not be on your DirecTV dish, but they are all over the world.

  “I should mention Canada, too,” Scott says when asked about potential international expansion of football.

  The Pac-12 is bringing basketball games to China and evaluating Mexico and Canada for football games. Scott also said “there’s certainly potential” for future Australian games.

  If dragging your teams across hemispheres sounds like a punchline to SEC and Big Ten country, consider this. Remember that Cal-Hawaii game in Sydney, Australia, last month? The league used that to announce a new TV deal with Fox Sports Australia for football and basketball.

  Will all my team’s games be on Pac-12 Networks?

  Nope! There will still be some on ESPN and FOX. But the one you’re looking for right now is on Pac-12 Networks, which is why you clicked on this story. So now that you know what you came for, it’s time to close this tab and watch the game.

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