How to watch my Netflix account from abroad? (Updated October 2021)

  Netflix is one of the most popular video services online. It offers its users the chance to watch popular and hot TV shows and films online. For a set fee every month, you can watch an unlimited amount of programs and movies. The only problem is when you go on a vacation and want to watch your home Netflix region.

  If you go abroad and want to watch your home Netflix account, you will be surprised to notice that when you visit France, you will not get access to US Netflix anymore, but French Netflix. You will therefore always get access to Netflix in the nation you are currently in. So, what can you do if you want to watch American Netflix while in France? Or what if you want to watch American Netflix in Asia? It is not enough to change your IP address using any random VPN provider. You will need to use a VPN that actually works with Netflix.

  If you want an illustrated guide explaining how to change your Netflix country to US, Canadian, Japanese, and UK Netflix, check this article!How to get an IP address working with US Netflix?

  You might wonder how you can get a new IP address in another country that will work for Netflix? It isn’t as hard as it sounds. There are different ways in which you can fix it, but the easiest way is to use a VPN service that will connect you to a server in the given country and as soon as you are connected you will surf the net with an IP address in that particular country. Since March-April 2016 most IP addresses registered with VPN providers are blocked by Netflix, but there are some holes in the system, so if you want to watch US Netflix while abroad, this is how it can be done!

  If you sign up for Netflix using the button above, you will get three months for free if you buy a subscription for 12 months. In addition, you can use the active subscription at three different computers, phones, routers, tablets or other devices at the same time. This is really useful, and it will make you able to take advantage of your VPN subscription to the max.

  How to access American Netflix abroad with ExpressVPN?What you need to do, is to sign up for the VPN services of ExpressVPN. Click the button above to do that.Then you download their VPN application (free with your subscription) and install it.Open the application, enter your username and password, and look through the list of servers.Find a server located in the USA and connect.Once connected you will have an IP address working with American Netflix, and you are ready to stream.

  But, did you know that ExpressVPN will do much more than just give you access to American Netflix? Read on and discover the full potential of your future VPN provider.

  How to get an IP address working with UK Netflix, Canadian Netflix, German Netflix, and Dutch Netflix?

  Well well, let me think! It is easy… it is the same solution that you would use to access American Netflix. You can, in other words, use ExpressVPN to get access to American Netflix, English Netflix, Canadian Netflix, German Netflix, and Dutch Netflix at the same time. It is totally brilliant, and it makes it such a joy as you get access to so much more content on Netflix, just by using their services.

  This article is updated frequently. Even if we initially wrote it back in 2013, we always keep it fresh. As a consequence, you will always find working methods described here, telling you how to access other Netflix regions like US, UK, Canadian or Dutch Netflix, no matter where you might be in the world.

  Let me also tell you that you can use ExpressVPN to much more than just stream Netflix content in other countries. You can also use your subscription to stay safe as you use open WiFi networks. That is of great importance in our world today, especially as you handle confidential information, pay your bills online, store your photos online, and share information concerning your whereabouts online. By default, you will surf with 256-bit encryption as you use ExpressVPN, which should keep you safe and sound, no matter where you might be in the world.

  Besides this, ExpressVPN will give you access to streaming sites such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, NBC, BBC, ITV, RaiTV, ZDF, ORF, and other streaming sites abroad. The possibilities are endless. To discover more ways to enjoy your VPN subscription, make sure to follow us on Facebook, on Twitter, and to regularly return to our IP Address Guide for VPN related news and information.

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