“Yellowstone” fans have been incredibly patient in their wait for Season 4 of the show to get underway. That patience has turned to frustration in recent weeks, however. The absence of an official premiere date announcement has led to all kinds of speculation. The rumors include everything from the show being canceled to it being pushed back on account of the Olympics.

  But, fret not loyal “Yellowstone” fan, Season 4 has not been canceled. And while we’re not positive when the show will finally air, we know exactly where you need to be to watch the hit show from Taylor Sheridan. And that’s some valuable information considering the fickle nature of TV show content these days.

  “Yellowstone” is the flagship content on the rebranded Paramount Network. For the first three seasons of the “Yellowstone” run, the show has been airing on the channel. But in 2020, Paramount announced yet another rebrand. The channel is set to change its name to the Paramount Movie Network sometime in the coming months.

  That news has left “Yellowstone” fans worried. If it’s a movie network, will it still air shows? The answer is yes. ViacomCBS has assured viewers that “Yellowstone” will continue to be featured on the network. Of course, fewer people than ever are paying for network television. Many have opted instead for subscriptions to streaming services.

  And the streaming folks will be pleased to learn that NBC’s streaming platform Peacock will reportedly carry Season 4 of “Yellowstone.” And for those who have yet to start or want to catch up on the Dutton action, the first three seasons of the show are available to watch there, as well.

  ‘Yellowstone’ Creator’s New Spin-Off Explores Dutton History

  “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan has to be one of the busiest people in show business. It seems like the man constantly has multiple projects in development, is writing big-budget feature films, and has to save time to please his “Yellowstone” fanbase.

  One of his most exciting new projects, however, is “Y:1883.” The new series is still in development. But it will reportedly focus on a 19th-century generation of the Dutton family as they trek the frontier and establish themselves in Montana. “Y:1883” is set to air on the Paramount+ Network in the future (we know, all of the streaming services are hard to keep track of).

  The new “Yellowstone” spin-off comes in addition to yet another canonical show from Taylor Sheridan called “6666.” Besides the fact that this one revolves around a Texas ranch, there is not much known in terms of the new shows’ specific details. But there has been speculation that they will be interconnected in some way.

  There is plenty of new content to get excited about. Now, if only “Yellowstone” would share a Season 4 premiere date…

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