Why is My Internet Not Working But Connected?


  Internet dis-connectivity problem is the worst problem for its?users.

  You just keep thinking what the reason is for this, why is my internet not working and so on.

  In this article, you will know how to fix your internet.

  We have described some of the common connectivity issues with their solution and have also provided a list of answers for them.

  No need to worry about such problems as they are now no more impossible to solve.

  By doing some settings, you can quickly get it back until and unless it is stable from the service provider.

  Why is My Internet Not Working?

  Almost all of us had gone through the dilemma when online connectivity suddenly stops in the middle of work.

  This is the worst nightmare for every online user and not being able to find the solution for this problem is even worst.

  Computer Not Connecting to the Internet:

  If there is any problem in connection on your ISP side, then you first need to contact him and solve that matter.

  Losing connection in the middle of work is a severe headache.

  Only those people can understand this problem better who went through it.

  Almost all of us have gone through this problem once in our life.

  This?issue is a widespread one.

  Knowledge, proper guidance, and solution to this problem are mandatory for every online user to have.

  How to Fix Your Internet?

  There may be several reasons which may be responsible for your net connection not functioning well.

  Some of them are discussed below with their solution.

  You may check all cable connections in your house.

  If you live in an apartment, you may need to check the net connectivity cable of that apartment.

  Why is My Internet Router Not Working?Routers mostly work on 2.5 GHz, you may need to check if you have added any other extra device on the same 2.5 GHz band, and after which this connectivity problem arose. If you tried this, but still there is a connectivity problem, then you may need to replace your router.You may need to modify the channel your router uses.Check whether the switch of your router is plugged in correctly and the led’s on. If they are not on, try disconnecting the power adapter and plug it in again, there may be a problem with your router’s power adapter.

  Also, read?How To Reset Router IP Address And WiFi Password?

  Why is the Internet Not Working on My Laptop?

  Well, you may also have once in your life faced such a problem and don’t know the solution to this issue, well the answer is right here.

  My Laptop is Connected But No Internet Access:

  Sometimes it so happens that your same online connection works on one PC but not on another PC/laptop.

  The solution to this problem is to restart your PC/laptop and then try for connectivity.

  Resetting your device cures most of the problem; if you are still facing the issue, then you may need to restore your machine.

  Why Is My Internet Not Working But I am Connected?

  Check whether you are connected to the outside world. You may do this by ping command in the command prompt.

  Type ping followed by the IP address of the site you want to check availability from your device.

  If you don’t remember the IP address, no need to worry about it just type ping followed by the URL of the website.

  For example type (without quotation marks) “ping yoursitename.com,” ?and press enter.

  Modem Not Working:

  Sometimes it so happens, your connection may be lost when your computer could not communicate with your modem.

  For this problem shut down your PC (don’t restart it).Plug off the power cable from your modem, plug it on again.Start your PC?and then check your connection status.Why is My Internet Browser Not Working?


  Sometimes your net connection may work for some browsers and for some browsers it may not work, this is because there may be some add-on installed in your browser which blocks the connectivity.

  Try uninstalling that add-on that is causing the problem.Clear the cache, close your browser and restart your browser and then try again.The Internet Just Stopped Working:

  If you lose your online connection while having a phone call from your landline, then there may be a problem with your phone setup.

  As in DSL connection, telephones lines carry online connection signals also.

  So you may need to check your telephone setup.

  If your net connection seems to be quite slow, run an online connection speed check to verify the actual internet speed.

  Website Not Working:It may happen that a particular site may not be working and you assume that you are having a problem with your connection, then there is no such problem, the problem is with the website.Also, make sure you didn’t block it.Try reloading that website from a different browser.There are many online tools to check that whether a website is down only for you or for anyone else also. Try them.?Troubleshooting Internet Connection:

  Here is a list of some more methods you may do to get back your net connectivity:

  Try loading the IP address in the browserTry rebooting your computerCheck your service provider’s settings.In the task manager check, there may be any program running that may be causing the problem, try closing it and then try again.Uninstall your antivirus and then install it again and then scan your whole device.Check your wireless settings.Remove any network saved.Fix your firewall.Try updating drivers.Resetting the TCP/IP settings can also work for you.There may be a networking issue on your computer, try troubleshooting it.Check the time and date of your computer. Is it correct?Sometimes there may be connectivity issues because of the wrong date and time settings.Make sure there are no viruses in your PC and it is healthy.Viruses may also cause the dis-connectivity problem.If you have tried all the methods, still you are having connectivity issues, call your service provider. This may also be caused by increasing user load.You may also try unplugging the Ethernet cable from your computer and then plug it in again.You can also make use of the internet USB stick.Final Words:

  Thus no need to panic in solving the?internet problems.

  Try different methods; you will surely get your connection back.

  Instead of just yelling the problem ‘why is my internet not working properly,’ try to solve it with peace of mind.

  If it has just stopped working in the middle of your vital work try all the methods listed above.

  If you still have a connectivity issue, then the only solution left is to format your computer, but before doing that save your data at another place or keep a backup of your data so you may recover it afterwards.

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