Why Is My Ethernet Cable Running Slow?

  Typically, to get a stable, stronger, and faster internet connection, you may plug your device directly to the source to make use of your Ethernet connection. But sometimes, this does not help out in the way you actually want. Rather than speeding up your network and making it faster, it ends up being slower. This should not happen, which means that you have to find out what the problem is and figure out a way to fix it. A few troubleshooting is required to figure out the source of these problems, which require trying to find out some certain things. Your Ethernet cable running slow could be as a result of some problems.

  Ensure You Test Accurately

  When testing the speed of your network, you have to make sure you carry it out correctly. If you are not conducting the test properly, there might be a possibility of having negative results or getting results which are contrary to what you expect. When testing your Ethernet cable connection, ensure that you put off your Wi-Fi for an accurate result.

  Test On A Different Device

  You can test your connection on another device, be it a desktop computer or a laptop. Doing this is an excellent idea because a few times, the problem might not be the Ethernet cable itself but the device which is being used to access the network. You may realize that a specific slow device, maybe a PC, makes it hard for you to make use of your Ethernet connection at a particular speed that you expect. Sometimes, a slow desktop computer may be giving an impression of a slow internet connection, whereas the fault is actually from the PC.

  Switch To Another Port

  An easy solution that can assist you when your Ethernet cable is running slow is to switch to another ethernet port totally different from the initial one. The port where your cable is plugged in into a router or modem might make a difference. It is always preferable to cancel simple possibilities prior to trying anything which might be expensive or consumes more time. A simple switch is able to increase the speed of your cable connection, and this process takes less than a minute to be done. If this doesn’t work, do not worry or panic as there are still a lot of options to go through, and a lot of them are simple solutions.

  Try Using Another Cable

  After switching to a different port and you discover that it is not the problem, then you should consider the cable which you are using. Sometimes the length of an Ethernet cable affects how fast your internet connections is; it could also be that your cable may have broken. If you are making use of a cheap or old cable, you should consider borrowing or even choosing a new cable to know what the problem is. However, investing in strong and reliable cables are worth it. This is because they are sturdier and often deliver a performance with standard quality than the cheaper ones which could be hazardous when made poorly.

  Upgrade Your Drivers

  If your Ethernet cable connection is slow, the driver of your network adapter card could be the source of the problem. In this situation, you will have to upgrade the drivers to guarantee they are working appropriately or you can remove them and replace with a new one. Doing this depends on the kind of device you are using. You might probably visit the website of the adapter’s manufacturer to get the right driver you might need. Typically, it does not take a long time to upgrade a driver, so you figure out quickly if it is the solution to the slow cable performance.

  Check Your Connection Setting

  A problem with your network setting could be the reason leading to your slow Ethernet cable connection. Your connection setting can enable you to guarantee that everything is properly set up and that nothing is trying to do or getting in the way of something it should not. If you have an idea of what your network setting is, you should be able to find out the problem easily. Most times, it could be that the settings must have changed, probably due to a virus, and you need to reverse the setting to their primary mode. To identify such malicious problems which could have tempered with your settings, running a scan with your antivirus is the right thing to do.


  If your Ethernet cable connection is running slow, it can be really frustrating because the Ethernet should provide you with a strong connection instead of a slow connection. A bit of troubleshooting will help to figure out the cause if you find out that which you would do to deal with these issues.


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