What’s the difference between a 6-pin, 8-pin, and 12-pin GPU Cable?

  With NVIDIA’s recent announcement of a 12-pin power connector on their new RTX 30 series, we wanted to point out the differences between 6-pin, 8-pin, and 12-pin GPU cables. We also wanted to tell you about our newly developed G-Power? GPU Power Cable set with Mini 12-pin connector for NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 Series.

  What is a PCIe x16 connector?

  The PCI Express x16 connector is used primarily for high speed data transfer between the graphics card and a motherboard. However, the connector has a handful of pins that allow it to provide up to 75 watts of power through motherboard. While this is enough for many entry-level graphics cards, greater performance will need more power. This is where the pin connectors come in.

  What is a 6-pin GPU Cable?


  6-pin power connectors are typically found in low and mid-range graphics cards. The 6-pin power connector has 4.2mm pitch and can pull up to 75 watts of power directly from an external power supply, bypassing the motherboard entirely.

  When a graphics card needs more power than its PCIe x16 connector can provide, the 6-pin connector comes in as a secondary source of power, allowing the GPU to draw up to 150 watts.

  What is an 8-pin GPU Cable?


  8-pin power connectors are found in high-end graphics cards. 8-pin connectors have 4.2mm pitch and can deliver up to 150 watts, twice the amount that a 6-pin connector is capable of.

  If a 6-pin connector is plugged into an 8-pin slot, the GPU will attempt to draw more power than that cable is rated for, resulting in a fire hazard. To avoid this, we provide any combination of connector types you may need through our selection of GPU Standard Power Cables.

  On high-end GPUs, multiple connectors are frequently used to increase maximum power consumption; the table below shows the variety of 6-pin and 8-pin combinations. As power needs have continued to increase, adding more cables has become less feasible as they begin to restrict air flow and interfere with components in tight spaces. This is where the next generation of power connectors begins.


  What is a 12-pin GPU Cable?


  The 12-pin power connector is the latest development in power supply for NVIDIA components. The 12-pin connector has a 3.0mm pitch, which means its total physical width is equal to an 8-pin connector. The design of the connector has been simplified, with one row for power and the other for ground.

  Our new 12-pin cable with 18AWG wires can carry up to 500 watts, while our premium connector with 16AWG wires carries up to 600 watts. This means Pactech’s 12-pin connectors can handle three to four times the power of an 8-pin connector while taking up the same amount of space.

  Introducing our new G-Power? 12-Pin GPU Cables.


  Say hello to our new G-Power? GPU Power Cable set with Mini 12-pin connector for NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 Series (3090, 3080, 3070, and 3060). These slim and modular cables are designed to directly plug from your power supply unit to your GPU cards. We offer two standard 15-inch cables and two premium 18-inch cables (custom sizes available):

  F01 RTX-PEE18-8812FFF-15 – Black, 15 inches, from 2X ATX/EPS 8-Pin to Mini 12-Pin PSUF02 RTX-PPP18-8812FFF-15 – Black, 15 inches, from 2X PCIE 8-Pin to Mini 12-Pin PSUF03 RTX-PEE16P-8812FFF-18 (Premium Version) – Black, 18 inches, from 2X ATX/EPS 8-Pin to Mini 12-Pin PSU (w/ Sleeving and Premium Contacts)F04 RTX-PPP16-8812FFF-18 (Premium Version) – Black, 18 inches, from 2X PCIE 8-Pin to Mini 12-Pin PSU (w/ Sleeving and Premium Contacts)

  We also offer customization options to make sure our new RTX series cables fit into any slim spaces and tight environments, or meet any other clearance restrictions.

  Read more about our new GPU Power Cable or contact us to purchase a sample.

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