Whats is the Best Coax Cable for CCTV Camera Installations?

  Not all coaxial cable should?be used for CCTV camera installations. RG59 coax cable is the industry standard and best choice for CCTV systems?and HD over coax systems, however, not all RG59 is created equal. Be sure to read the spec before you buy.

  This?is what you need to know. Be sure to select RG59 cable with a solid copper core / inner conductor and 95% copper braiding. Look at the specification in the above image. These two elements are highlighted and the arrows point to the parts of the cable they refer to.?The impedance of?CCTV cameras is 75 ohms. In order to have minimum video loss, you should use coax cable that also has an impedance of 75 ohms. Coax cable is also available in 50 ohm and 93 ohm. Do not use these for CCTV installation. Use ONLY 75 ohm cable.

  RG6 can also be used for CCTV. It is also available with a solid copper core / inner conductor and 95% copper braiding. RG6?can be run farther distances than RG59 without video loss, however, RG6 is a thicker, more rigid cable which is not as convenient to work with (especially around corners). RG59 is rated at 700 feet and RG6 is rated at 1000 feet for analog CCTV.?RG59 is more typically used.

  Can I use CATV Coax Cable for?CCTV?

  Like CCTV, cable television (CATV) is also typically?wired using RG59 or RG6 coax cable, however it is not the same type of RG59 or RG6 that is used for?CCTV installations. The

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