What is the meaning of the network cable? How does the network cable are good and bad?picture

What is the meaning of the network cable? How does the network cable are good and bad?

  General home network cable will be used in it, then the router or access the computer all the time needed, in fact, the network cable are divided into categories, different cable course, the transmission speed is not the same, then the cable in several categories What does it mean? Net alphabetically distinguished? Let’s take a detailed introduction!



  To connect to a local area network, the network cable is essential. The web cables common in the local area network mainly have twisted pairs, coaxial cables, and cables. Twisted pairs, is a data transmission line consisting of many lines. It is characterized by cheap, so it is widely used, such as our common telephone line. It is used to connect with the RJ45 crystal head. It has two types of STP and UTP, and we often use UTP.

  Network cable is divided into several

  (1) Copper package steel network cable: Its resistance is about 100 meters of 75-100 ohms

  Try not to use this type of cable, such cable in the market is the cheapest cable, water resistance effect is not how good communication.

  (2) Copper package aluminum network cable: Its resistance is about 24-28 ohms! This network cable is better sold in the market because it is cheap and the communication distance and effect are good.

  But his life is not very long because his antioxidant is poor! Temporary home, short-range distances can be used.

  (3) Copper package silver network cable: copper package silver network cable is also called high aluminum network cable, the material is pure, its resistance is about 100 meters of 15 ohms.

  Although this copper package silver network cable is not expensive and the internet is not a few tens of meters from the copper-clad aluminum network cable, the life is not long, and the oxygen oxygen resistance is poor, which is not conducive to long time.

  (4) Copper wrap copper network cable: This network line resistance is not small, 100 meters resistance value is about 42 ohms, relatively compared to copper bag, copper package silver, the Internet performance is better, anti-oxidation resistance, service life Many aluminum than copper is much longer. The general home wiring can be selected such a cable.

  (5) No oxygen-free copper network cable: the oxygen-free copper wire resistance is the smallest, 100 meters resistance is about 9.5 ohms, this network cable is the best network cable in the market! The best quality network cable! Small resistance, long transmission distance, high rate and long service life! Used for home wiring, engineering wiring can be.

  About using a network cable

  Advantages of using wired networks

  When we can choose a wired network, most people will choose the wireless network because of the characteristics of better mobile performance because there is no need to wiring. In fact, network transmission cable network having a stable, less susceptible to interference, speed and other advantages, has been companies, institutions and other mechanisms required for high stability use, but would be more trouble access, only a port take a piece of equipment, but also if you want to expand the external switch. In combination, wired and wirelessly see the actual use environment. In addition, there are pregnant women, infant homes, should reduce the use of wireless networks as much as possible, reducing the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation.

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