Co-ax cable is typically used to carry high speed data such as

  television signals, computer data etc. Assuming that the cable is

  installed properly and terminated into the right connectors and

  equipment, it is capable of running long distances. The final

  distance depends very much on the data rate. The higher the

  bandwidth, the shorter the length will be. For example, analog

  standard definition television will run 1000 feet or more on a good

  quality cable. Broadcast standard digital SD video can run almost

  the same distance but HD video is limited to around 300 feet. The

  losses at high frequencies are greater than at low frequencies so

  the faster data rate becomes more limited. Also, the type of cable

  is a big factor. Poor cable can limit a run to, say, 100 feet while

  a better quality cable will carry the same signal in excess of 1000

  feet. For almost all residential applications, there should never

  be a problem with cable length.

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