offers?two similar types of network patch cables: molded and snagless. The difference between these cables is the style of the RJ-45 terminations and?not the cable technology, as both types of cables offer the same performance.

  Molded cables are the most universally used cables. The RJ-45 connectors have a molded boot that joins the connector to the cable, and the RJ-45 connector’s lock is unprotected. They are typically used in applications where there are?not many?insertion cycles (they?are not?unplugged and plugged back in often), like in a hard-to-access space.

  Snagless?cables have a modified boot when compared to molded cables. The boot on a snagless cable has a small flap or flaps that protect?the RJ-45 connector’s lock from being snapped off easily. They are typically used in applications where there are high insertion cycles, like an easy-to-access space.

  Although both?types of cables offer the same performance, in some cases, one type of cable is preferred over another.

  For examples of some applications and the recommended cable, see the following table:


  Recommended cable

  Laptop to wall jack


  Cable road kit


  Patch panel


  Rackmount servers



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