The applications of coax cables have increased widely due to their efficiency and reliability. From homes, offices, and industries, you will find coax cables being used everywhere.

  However, this also leads to the increasing number of types of coax cables in the market. Now, there are various kinds of coax cables available put up for sale, each one having different specifications and use. This further increases the performance as each type of wire is used for a specific purpose.

  If you are just planning to build a house or if you have ever taken an interest in setting up the wires, you may have come across the type of wire that is called quad shield coax cables. You may have thought of using the quad shield coax cable in order to get the perfect signal strength or less attenuation.

  Having said that, quad shield coax cables are expensive as compared to other types, and they are not feasible to be used everywhere. Quad shield coax cables have their own specifications, and the applications meeting with such specs should be using this cable, or else you may end up damaging the equipment and the device.

  This happens when we don’t know what a quad shield coax cable is and where it should be used. If you are looking forward to learning more about the quad shield coax cable, then you are at the right place. Hold onto your chair and thoroughly read this article as here we are going to talk about what is quad shield coax cable and where it can be used for the best.

  Quad shield coax cable

  Quad shield coax cable is among the types of coax cable with an additional set of foil and braid around it. The amount of shielding is the only main difference that you see when comparing the quad shield coax cable with dual shield wires.

  When to use quad shield coax cables

  More shield means better protection from the outside. In terms of quad shield cable, it proves to be good in order to protect from external radiation and when there is a chance of more electromagnetic interference.

  In places like where heavy machinery is involved, the use of a quad shield is preferred. Moreover, the physical features of the quad shield make it perfect for outdoor use and make it last longer than any other type of wire.

  To understand more about the quad shield coax cables, let’s go through the physical and performance-based aspects of it as compared to dual shield coax cables.

  Physical features of quad shield coax cable

  As it is clear by the name as well, that quad shield will have more layers of shield, and it is certain that it will make it thicker and heavier. While there is no difference in the conductor size of dual and quad shield coax cable, the quad shield has 100% coverage APA foil, and when it comes to the diameter of the wire, the quad shield is slightly larger as compared to the dual shield.

  When it comes to durability, the quad shield is much better as it is shielded twice more than the dual shield cable.

  On the other hand, a quad shield is much more complex when it comes to connection and installation, and it needs to be handled carefully. The cost is also increased with increased shielding, and any damage to the wire will require you to change it completely.

  Performance features of quad shield coax cable

  Shielding may seem a minor change when it comes to physical differences, but it highly affects the overall performance and functionality of the wire.

  Firstly, you need to know that quad and dual shield cables are not interchangeable, and therefore, you need to see which wire you need to use for a particular purpose.

  When comparing the performance, the quad shield has an advantage over other wires as it provides protection from outside interference, and the signal can travel at a long distance without any interference. Whereas the dual shield wire will face more distortion, affecting the overall signal.

  Besides that, due to more shielding, the quad cable can sustain more voltage and thus making it more efficient than other types of wires.

  Drawbacks of quad shield coax cable

  Though the quad shield coax cable is more efficient, reliable, and long-lasting, there are some disadvantages as well that you should keep in mind planning to use this wire.

  The first thing is that it is difficult to work with a quad shield, and you need to call in a professional to set it up. It requires special connectors and tools for better installation.

  More importantly, the quad shield is expensive, and you cannot easily place it anywhere at your home, especially when you are going to make changes in an existing wiring system of a building.

  Whatsoever, if you use it correctly, you can easily take care of the drawbacks and if you do it, using a quad shield is totally worth it where required.


  The choice of selection primarily depends on interference, the need for signal quality, and the length required. Knowing about coax cable is important as it allows you to use the wires effectively. This article highlights all essential aspects of quad shield coaxial cable understanding which, you will know what is quad shield coax cable and what role it plays in a wiring system.

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