Comcast as a device is one that can serve as both a modem and also a router. You can also use it to set up a network. However, Comcast is also a company that has several brands such as Xfinity and NBC Universal. Xfinity is a TV and internet service provider for customers. At the same time, NBC Universal is a media service for customers for broadcasting, motion pictures, TV production, and cable television, and it also provides internet services.

What Channel Is NBC On Comcast?

Now, what channel is NBC on Comcast?

Often, people have an interest in knowing what channel is NBC on Comcast. However, we must understand that NBC does not have a standard channel number on Comcast. It is because it uses the affiliate station in any location it gets to and transmits over the television network. Thus, it carries any cable company serving a particular network area per time.

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How Comcast Started

Comcast is an American corporation formerly called American Cable Systems. It was the brainchild of Ralph J Robert, Daniel Aaron, and Julian A. Brodsky, in Tupelo, Mississippi. The company started in the year, 1963. It has gone through several regulations and keeps getting better by the day.

NBC Universal

The primary purpose of creating NBC Universal is for entertainment and media, so it functions in the media and entertainment industry. The acronym NBC stands for the National Broadcasting Company. It is one of the United States’ big television networks.

The other two are ABC and CBS. ABC stands for American Broadcasting Company, while CBS means Columbia Broadcasting System.

The Channels On Comcast

There are several channels on Comcast, ranging from the local networks to the popular ones. There are about 40 Channels on Comcast. Among these channels, one of them is NBC

The Shows On NBC

There are many programs on NBC, and among them are these few. These are the current program presently run on the NBC;

Today Show:

Savannah Guthrie anchors the Today Show. Savannah Guthrie is famous for the NBC sitcom. There was a time she had an interview with Donald Trump, where they discussed his role in the birth controversy of Barrack Obama. Savannah also interviewed Dr. Conrad Murray, who was found guilty of the involuntary murder of Michael Jackson. She also made a detailed exclusive report of Osama Bin Laden’s death.

World of Dance:

It is an entertaining program and show. Jennifer Lopez is one of the judges on the show. On this show, talented groups of dancers display their raw talents. It is a top-rated show which attracts a lot of viewers because of the excellent feeling it leaves the viewers, and not only the judges.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:

It is a long-running drama series, and Mariska Hargitay is the star of the show. It is a fictionalized story of the New York City Police Department. However, the series is the creation of Dick Wolf. NBC has had up to like 21 seasons with over 400 episodes. Each episode usually runs for about forty-five minutes.

Meet the Press:

It is an educational program moderated by Chuck Todd. The program is a weekly one that runs on NBC. Its design is to meet with leaders in Washington DC, raise and discuss issues ranging from politics, economics, policies, to health. It also consists of panel discussions that give rooms for various opinions, views, and analysis. The show happened to be the first program that featured the President of the United States in live appearance.

The Tonight Show:

It is a program that Jimmy Fallon hosts. It is usually a late-night show that he hosts with other comedians. It has run several episodes in the status of numbers and with no fixed runtime.

The Voice:

It is an American singing talent competition series hosted by Carson Daly. It aimed at finding unsigned singing talents in duets, solo, amateur, or professional. It has run about 18 seasons with over 400 episodes.

Will & Grace:

Eric McCormack is the star of the situation comedy show called Will & Grace. The show is an American sitcom drama show. It was broadcast from 1998 to 2006 with eight seasons and then later returned to NBC in the year 2017.

The Categories Of The Program On NBC

Based on the varieties of the program featured on NBC, they all fall into different categories. These categories are Drama comedies, Reality/Non-scripted, Game shows, Award shows, Talk shows, Late night shows, News and Information, Soap Opera, Sports, etc.

There are also some others categorized under specials, for example, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, shot in 1952, and Miss America competition featured in 2019.

Another exciting category you may not want to miss is the Saturday morning series. However, some of the new programs coming up between now and the year 2024 is the Docu-Series. Three shows would be running under the Docu-series category.

The stories are True Story (2020), The New World (2024), and Who Do You Think You Are? Another category that will also come up is the Pilot Order. Also, there are several other shows that, in the past, were in the different categories in the current programs on NBC.

General Information About NBC

The Comcast is the parent company of NBC. The chairman of NBC is Steve Burke, while Jeff Shell is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. NBC is a mass media and entertainment company that serves the whole world. The predecessors of NBC are General Electric, RCA, Vivendi Universal, Universal Entertainment, Seagram, and MCA Inc.

The NBC Universal headquarters is presently in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, New York, United States.

The NBC Channel

The number that the NBC channel bears usually depends on your location or broadcast area. Any antenna can pick up its signal since it transmits via radio waves. As a result, it comes at different frequencies at different locations. Thus, to get the channel number of the place where you are, you might need to inquire from other residents in the area.

You can also find out the channel number in your locality by checking up the lined up channels on your cable TV, although this might take a long time and require scanning through many other channels.

Heroes on NBC

The series, Heroes, is an exciting series that featured on NBC. The series had four seasons of it. It is in the records that it garnered about 13 million views from its fans in the United States of America. Thus, it became the series that made NBC rank among top program in viewership

The NBC logo

Throughout its existence, NBC has used several logos for its brand. Initially, it used a logo that shared some similarities with the logo of its parent company. However, as time went on, the logo evolved. It developed into the current peacock design, which it has been using since the year 1986.

A Brief History Of NBC

In the year 1926, Radio Corporation of America created the NBC, thereby making it one of the oldest and biggest broadcast network in the US. Then, General Electric was a parent company to General Electric. However, due to the antitrust charge, General Electric had to sell the NBC as well as the Radio Corporation of America.

On getting to 1986, it gained back its control of NBC when it bought back the Radio Corporation of America. However, it wasted no time in liquidating all the various parts to the RCA, the other aspect that was left untouched is the NBC,

Subsequently, there was a merger between a French company and General Electric, where they both formed NBC Universal. At this point, Comcast purchased a significant interest in the company and obtained whatever interest that General Electric had in it.

Going ahead, NBC has grown sporadically over the years; it owns and operates about thirteen stations and 200 within the United States.

NBC And Its Competition

NBC has done quite well over the years. In the face of stiff competition, it continues to advance. One of its rivals in the industry is CBS. The CBS began to gain more ground towards the end of the 1940s when it started to give access to stars to use its facilities for the production of their programs. As a result, a good of the NBC stars moved to CBS.

NBC tried to match up to its programs with innovation. It did so to sustain its market and prevent the departure of its stars. That was quite a struggle as it lost money in the process, especially in the face of stars begin to generate and interest beyond radio but one that transcends and evolves into television.

The NBC Television Launch

Although it started as a radio network, it has evolved beyond that point and proceeded to venture into television broadcasting. There are reports that the first television program aired on 12th January 1940


The NBC that we have today is one that has gone through a series of evolution from changes in logo, management to its essential service delivery. However, to answer the question, what channel is NBC on Comcast, in a single definite answer is impossible. The channel number depends on your location.

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