After a long and stressful day, most people choose to relax and distract themselves with some quality content. Of course, despite the rapid rise of over-the-top streaming services, cable TV is still by far one of the most popular sources for this content. Whether you like exclusive sports events, live news broadcasts, or original TV shows, TV is your best bet to find the best of everything. But if a good female empowering movie or TV show is more your style after a tiring day, then you absolutely need to check out LMN on Spectrum.

  What Is LMN On Spectrum?

  The Lifetime Movie Network is also known as Lifetime Movies or LMN for short. It is an American cable channel owned by A&E. LMN is a common choice in most American households because it offers a healthy mix of new and older releases from a diverse range of genres. A cable plan that does not include movie channels like LMN usually does not get very far in terms of subscriptions. One of the reasons LMN is extremely popular is that it primarily targets a broad female audience. It offers strong female protagonists in well-written content that has gathered a large following across the nation.

  It has had a transformative journey since its founding in 1984. Of course, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. The channel has always been committed to reaching out to feminine audiences and showcasing female characters in lead roles. But until the middle of the next decade, the channel worked very hard to get rid of the “low-rent” image it had acquired. Today, it is one of the leading channels in America that broadcasts programming geared towards women.

  The channel also broadcasts selective women’s sports events. It makes a point of employing women to write, develop, and direct the content it makes for its target audience. This has proven to be a successful move. LMN has earned a special place among women, women’s organizations, and women’s health awareness. Unless you have no access to TV plans or there’s a Spectrum internet outage (cable internet and TV work over the same gateway), you should be able to see LMN in your Spectrum channel lineup.

  What Plans Offer LMN on Spectrum?

  For many American women, the cable TV experience is incomplete without channels like LMN. The network currently offers three channels – Lifetime, Lifetime Real Women, and LMN. All three of these channels are available on all Spectrum cable plans. However, you can’t get all of them with Spectrum TV Select, only Lifetime. In addition, subscribing to Spectrum internet plans?gives you access to the TV App. This allows you to access channels like LMN on a range of devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  What Channel Is Lifetime on Spectrum?

  Of course, the provider offers a huge channel lineup with all of its cable TV plans. This makes looking for specific channels a bit difficult at times. Especially if you’re in no mood to check a TV guide or flip your way through hundreds of channels. But don’t worry, this section has you covered. Here’s where you can find LMN on your Spectrum TV Packages in the following markets:


  Channel No


  Channel No

  Knoxville, Tennessee


  Lincoln, Nebraska


  Los Angeles, California


  St Louis, Missouri


  Carson City, Nevada


  Albertville, Alabama


  Sheboygan, Wisconsin


  Staten Island, New York


  Allendale, Michigan


  Dayton, Ohio


  Ridgefield Park, New Jersey


  Alexandria, Kentucky


  El Paso, Texas


  Belleville, Illinois


  Avon, Indiana


  Jacksonville, North Carolina


  Great Falls, Montana


  Greenville, South Carolina


  Orlando, Florida


  Grand Junction, Colorado


  Athens, Georgia


  Bristol, Virginia


  Wapato, Washington


  What’s To Watch on LMN?

  With a subscription to the right TV plan, like Spectrum TV Gold, you should already have access to LMN. However, you might not have seen it recently. So maybe you don’t know what sort of content to expect. Here are a few of the best shows and reality TV programming on LMN:

  24 to Life

  24 to Life follows the lives of 16 people sentenced to a life term in prison. The show maintains a balanced approach to showing the very real consequences of committing a crime. It also focuses on the impact a person’s incarceration can have on their family and friends. The show also raises questions as to the working of the justice system. Particularly given that none of the 16 earned their sentence because of a violent crime. The show offers a glaring new perspective into the constructs of society and justice. Get to know these people during the last 24 hours of their freedom.

  Designing Spaces

  Yes, interior design and decorating don’t limit themselves to a particular gender. This is why Designing Spaces has a vast following across genders and demographics. The show is a useful source of inspiration for American homemakers. It also offers inspiration to many professional interior experts. While most of us will still buy our interior furnishings and décor at IKEA, the show is still a good place to learn. Get new ideas on how to make the most out of your living space. Your own creativity added to the mix can often result in some nifty interior spaces.

  Bring It!

  Do you like to dance? Well, the “Dancing Dolls” don’t just dance for fun. Watch them hustle to waltz away with the top spot AKA the best dance troupe in the world. Meet coach Diana Williams and her troupe, based in Jackson, Mississippi. Get a closer look at just how competitive dancing can be on the professional stage. You may even pick up some killer moves for your next night out.

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