What Are Cable’s Powers in ‘Deadpool 2’?

  SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains?spoilers for both?Deadpool 2. Proceed at your own risk.

  Wade Wilson is set to return this summer in FOX’s Deadpool 2. Most of the cast from Deadpool?will join him, as well as a ton of new characters. One of these new characters is Cable. Josh Brolin will bring this man from the future to life.?So, who is this cybernetic?mutant from the future and what can he do? While the video above explains in exquisite detail who Cable is and when he is from, let’s take a look at some?Cable’s powers.

  Telekinesis & Telepathy

  In the comics, Cable is an Alpha level mutant?— a classification reserved for those with the most powerful, world-changing abilities. That puts him right up there with Professor X, Jean Grey, Legion,?and Magneto. Cable has telekinetic and telepathic?abilities, inherited from his parents Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey (hence the telepathy and the red eye).

  Because Cable was infected with a techno-organic virus that was transforming his body at an alarming rate, he was forced to use his powers to keep the virus in check. This required a lot of energy to fight, which limited the range and use of his telekinesis. It didn’t completely deplete his telekinesis though.

  According to the full list of Cable’s powers, he can create telepathic illusions, telepathic cloaks,?mind links with other people and mutants, telepathic camouflage, precognition, psionic shields, matter alteration, remote teleportation, and more.?Fans can actually see him using a psionic shield in the trailer?(though the barrier may be generated from his equipment).

  Super Strength

  As?fans can see from the promo images and the trailer, Cable is ripped. He is a huge guy. His size comes partly from his cybernetic enhancements — think Arnold Schwarzenegger?in The Terminator — and partly because he stays in shape for his mercenary duties. He also is an expert marksman with a proficiency in every type of firearm known to man.

  His size and strength, partnered with his cybernetic engineering and his telepathy,?make him an x-force to be reckoned with. He might actually be the strongest and deadliest character ever to be featured in an X-Men film. It will very interesting to see how his powers manifest in the film, and what level of telepathy he will be able to use.

  Cable in Deadpool 2

  In Deadpool 2, most of Cable’s powers come from his inner strength. Throughout the film he bombards Deadpool and the prison guards with the power of his metal arm. Cable threw numerous guys through walls and buildings, showing just how strong he really was.

  Cable also used his psionic shields quite a bit, protecting himself from bombs, bullets, and even Firefist’s deadly blasts. Cables used his shield to block attacks from Wade as well.

  At one point in the film, he uses his telekinesis to retrieve a rifle that has fallen on the ground.

  While the film didn’t show too much of Cable’s telepathic powers, it did show his skills building formidable weapons. One of the first thing he did when he arrived in Deadpool’s time was assemble one of the biggest weapons any superhero has wielded in a film.

  Deadpool 2?is currently in theaters.