Hello readers. Here is another interesting topic. Are you looking forward to purchasing a Cable box? Or rather, have you just purchased one? In both ways, you will certainly want to know how to go about the connection procedure. If you are planning to find someone to do the connection for you, I think you should consider giving it a break for today I want to take you through ways to connect cable box to AV Receiver. Many countries have migrated from analogue TV broadcasting to digital methods. Even still, there are a lot of benefits to go digital. You get many channels and also a crispy clear signal that makes your TV experience an amazing one. If you just bought a cable box, congratulations for you are about to unbox a device that is going to change your entertainment world for you and your family.

  First, you have to understand what a cable box does for you. A cable box has an inbuilt digital signal receiver that receives signals from the antenna outside, then converts the analog signals to digital signals and then amplifies them and then passes them to your AV receiver or TV so that you can watch on your screen in form of video and audio signal. Modern televisions come with a built in digital TV boxes built in as part of the circuitry. With a separate box cable, you will have to connect to your AV receiver manually. The biggest challenge is usually choosing among different Cable boxes, gladly helptochoose lessens this burden.

  Ways to connect cable box to AV receiver.

  Before I start outlining the methods, first you have to know that your cable box must be connected to an antenna to the outside or if your house has got a coaxial wall socket, you should connect your cable box to either the wall antenna or the antenna on the outside via the coaxial port at the back of the cable box and the antenna. This way, your cable box will now receive signal from the air outside through the antenna. For more details on how to connect your cable box to the antenna, read the manual in the box.

  Using video and audio cables (RCA cables mostly provided)

  Usually this cable is provided with the cable box. It is a cable with three wires fused together but detach at both ends. At both ends, it is labeled with 3 colors. Red, yellow and white at both ends. The yellow wire is for video display. This wire casts a video display on the screen so that you can see pictures from the cable box. The red and white wires are for audio purposes, that is, they bring the sound from the cable box to your TV. Without them, you will only see the videos on your TV but will not hear any sound. Behind your cable box, are ports where these wires are inserted. Mostly indicated with “video/Audio out.” There are three ports with a colour on each port. That is, yellow port, red port and a white port. Insert the three wires each in a port with the same colour. Now, having done that, at the other end of the cable, are also three pins for video represented with yellow, and audio represented with red and white. Now on your TV receiver, plug these tree wires in the “Audio/video in” ports just like you deed on your set box or cable box. These ports could be anywhere on the TV depending on the model you are using. They may be at the back, on the side or at the front part-down. Considering that your cable box is powered and your TV too, take your TV remote and change your TV mode to AV mode. Your cable box will go through the usual process of initializing settings. This should take a few minutes after which, it will load channels. You will be able to scroll through your channels and select the one you want using the up/down keys on your remote.

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  HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Many modern televisions come with a HDMI port built in within the TV. If your television set comes with a HDMI supporting port, you can as well connect your cable box to your TV using a HDMI cable which in this case, you will have to buy because these cables rarely come with the cable box. You can get this cable from your nearby electronics shop or online. This method can only be applicable if your cable box has a HDMI port same to your digital TV. After purchasing this cable, which is usually bought individually, insert one end part (usually resembling a USB) to the HDMI port on your set top box or cable box. Plug the front part of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on your TV’s HDMI port usually at the back of the TV. Switch mode on your TV remote to “HDMI” mode. This way, you will be able to watch your TV with your TV receiving signal from your set box via HDMI cable.

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  This method is not mostly used. But depending on your preference, you can choose to use this method. Just like the above method, you will require to get a VGA cable and it will depend on whether your cable box and your TV support VGA as a method of digital display. If your cable box has a VGA port and your television, then you need a VGA to VGA cable where you connect one end of the VGA cable to the VGA port at the back of the set top box or cable box, the other end to the VGA port on your TV. If your cable box does not support a VGA port, still you can make this achievable by buying a device to covert whichever output from the cable box to VGA. So, say your cable box doesn’t support VGA port but has RCA or HDMI, you can buy a HDMI to VGA converter or an RCA to VGA converter.


  The above methods are both Ways to Connect Cable Box to AV Receiver or TV. The signal strength of your TV will depend on your antenna position and the channel provider mast position and how heavily built up is your area and the direction of your antenna too. The method of connection from your Cable box will depend on your own choice and your ability to purchase the mentioned above cables. If you prefer certain connectivity, make sure to purchase a set top box or a cable box that has more ports or that supports the connection you desire. During this digital migration period, we have many cable boxes available on the market. The more advanced ones come with more features hence they are much expensive therefore it will depend with your pocket too. Also there are free to air and those whose channels are paid for through monthly subscriptions. Your TV will also determine the kind of connection depending on the display ports it comes with. So make sure to get a digital TV, for it comes with several display ports. But still if you miss a port, depending on which port you desire, a converter will help in one way or another. Finally, the best connection that will give you the best media output is the HDMI. You will get video quality of 1080p and a clear audio output. Now, it’s upon you to make your decision.

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