Solved: how do you configure Modem without a computer

  Most modems these days are moden/router with Wifi.

  Your diskless PC will have Wifi, else your mobile will have Wifi… iPhones or Android phones.

  Turn on the modem and use the PC/mobile search for the WIFI signal.

  You will know the WIFI signal as it will have the name of the make of router, which you will change later.

  If it is the first time the modem is used, WIFI connection won’t need a password.

  –> If not first time, powerup + press reset button for 5 – 10 seconds on modern so it is factory flesh.

  Often then you connect to the Wifi signal your PC/mobile will ask to open an configurtaion page (win7 or win8 or Android mobile), and then your ready to configure!

  If you connect to wifi and not get an automaticlly prompt, you can look in the package and it will have the main router IP address, wich you open an internet browser and type in, examples:

  If you come to another login, it is likely to be login=admin and password=password, but more information is in the manual, and then your ready to configure!