Umm for one, hooray hackaday for posting something that’s been floating around on instructables for well over a year! I should know, I’m a very avid member of instructables.

  @ Walt and all the other douchebags that have posted their 2 cents.

  What the hell is wrong with instructables? I see people in the comments here saying that instructables sucks and instructables is full of thugs and they take/make money off you?

  I have no idea how or what you guys are talking about, there are like 1 or 2 assholes on instructables but that’s about it. Also, you don’t have to give your email just so you can view their site. In fact, I know that recently they have limited the “View all steps” feature of their site and unless you pay for a pro membership (like $5 a year pfft come on I shit out $5 in a day), you can’t view all the steps of an instructable AT ONCE. However, you can still VIEW each step seperately.

  I’ve been with instructables for like 5-6 years and I automatically am a pro member because I’ve been there so long, I get the same features as paying users, but I don’t have to pay? All I can say is

  Suck it you whiny bastards.

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