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RG6 vs RG11: Buy the Best Coaxial Cable

  Which is the best coaxial cable? RG6 or RG11? Is RG11 better than RG6? Actually, there is not the model answer to this question and the comparison about RG6 vs RG11. How do you choose a coaxial cable? Your actual requirements decide which you have to choose.


  For general domestic use and indoor installation, RG6 cables are the best coaxial cables because they are good enough and quite cost-effective. If you are going to use for the trunk lines of large enterprises and buildings, outdoor burial, long-distance installation, outdoor installation, etc, RG11 cables should be more suitable.


  New King has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality coaxial cables for 20 years. RG6 and RG11 cables are our hot-selling products. We can produce all kinds of coaxial cables with different specifications at Factory Price. Different versions of RG6 and RG11 cables are available, including RG6 standard, RG6 Tri-shield, RG6 Quad Shield, RG6+2DC, RG6+M; RG11 standard, RG11 Tri-shield, RG11 Quad Shield, RG11+M, etc.


  We also offer OEM Products by making custom packages and labels according to your requirements.Please feel free to contact us for a quick quote!

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