MicroScanner2 vs Cable Prowler

  Testing and Recording

  When verifying large wiring jobs, rapid recording of the testing results is a big plus. If there are problems, it helps locate them quickly. For signoff, it provides reliable documentation of system checkout. Microscanner2 simply displays the current test results; the Cable Prowler stores up to 256 test results for export and easy inclusion in reports and analysis runs.

  Easy to Read and Interpret

  Cable testing takes place throughout the world, and in all sorts of conditions. Even in North America, workers speak many languages. The Microscanner2 only uses English and presents results on a monochrome display. Cable Prowler is fluent in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, and uses a full-color display which speeds the interpretation of results in all kinds of lighting conditions. In some cases, color is enough to quickly determine preliminary results!

  Features to Make It Handy

  Cable Prowler adds further usability features: an optional hanging clip attachment, much like a lineman’s handset, keeps it handy and out of the way. A kickstand attachment keeps it visible standing on a flat surface, allowing hands-free testing. Microscanner2 does not currently offer these basic items. Cable Prowler also allows firmware upgrades to enhance the value of the unit over time, adding features and display formats, and supporting future standards as needed.

  In Conclusion

  An added plus for many purchasers is the fact that Platinum Cable Prowler is made entirely in the U.S.A., following strict manufacturing standards. While the two units appear to be comparable in their basic purpose, it seems clear that the Cable Prowler is the one technicians would rather have with them in the field. Superior design, thoughtful usability features, and an eye towards future standards combine to make it clearly the better tool for cable testing and troubleshooting in today’s fast-paced network environment.