Looking for the Best Cable Splitter for Internet and TV? [Reviews and Buying Guide 2021]

  Best Cable Splitter

  If you are having two or multiple television sets in your house and want to connect the same cable network to all of them then a cable splitter is what you need. A cable splitter is designed to cater such needs where you want to split the receiving signal to multiple output sources. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to receive high-signal quality for all devices without leading hassles.

  However, just like other products, the market is full of various cable splitters, which makes it difficult to pick the best one. We, therefore, share with you our reviews on 10 best cable splitters, which surpass others in terms of quality, performance, and construction. Also, we share a comprehensive buying guide that will make the search process a lot easier for you.

  1. GE Digital 2-Way 2.5GHz 5-2500 MHz, 33526 – Most Versatile

  Why is it Unique

  This gold plated connector allows optimal connectivity. It is robustly engineered and has a strong body holding resistance to corrosion. Its excellent compatibility with RG6 and RG59 coax cables makes it an adequate choice to meet your various requirements.

  Satisfaction with this cable splitter is guaranteed as it is backed by a lifetime warranty from the company. Also, it is very easy to use and comes with US-based technical support that is there to serve you whenever you experience any issues.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  Along with its pleasing gold-plated body, the buyers liked its high resistance to water, dust, and rust. It is easy to mount and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It worked exceptionally well for buyers with Wi-Fi speed under 300 mbps. Moreover, they were able to feed their three rooms easily using this splitter.

  Ideal For

  This cable splitter is perfect for users who want a versatile device that can cater to most of their requirements. It is reasonably priced and allows connecting two different modems from one internet coax jack. So, if you are a professional working from home or wants to connect various devices at once, this cable splitter is just perfect for you.

  2. Cable Matters 2-Pack 2.4 GHz 2-Way for STB TV – Best Quality for Price

  Why is it Unique

  Gaining multiple strong signals from one receiving signal is very easy with this high-quality cable splitter. It offers a strong connection to all cables. It also enhances durability for the antenna splitter.

  In addition to precise zinc cast construction it offers a great frequency range of 2.4 GHz. The radio frequency is shielded to reduce insertion loss from 5 to 2450 MHz. You can use this splitter for multiple devices with ease and without incurring any hefty expenses.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  The buyers find it as a brilliant cable splitter that offered them smooth connections without resulting in performance loss. It is an amazing product that fits well to a MoCA adapter and very reasonably priced. It offered them good sound and picture quality making it a worthy purchase.

  Ideal For

  It is an excellent device that works well for all sorts of connections. The components can be assembled and disassembled easily offering high durability. It is a perfect pick for those who want high-quality and great durability at an affordable price.

  3. Extreme 2-Way HD Digital 1 GHz BDS102H – An All-Rounder

  Why is it Unique

  It is an avant-garde cable splitter that comes with sealed F-ports, which makes it suitable for use in outdoor, indoor, dry, wet or humidity conditions. The F-ports alleviate sealing of moisture within and ensures you have a long-lasting performance.

  Another unique aspect of this splitter is its center conductor seizing functionality within the F-ports. The 8-coaxial contact area of the surface conforms accurately to the surface of the center conductor created in a progressive die. With its SMD PCB component insertion technology, you can gain enhanced mechanical and electrical performance and consistently smooth operation with the device.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  Most of the buyers find it as an excellent device. It worked flawlessly even when connected consistently. The connections caused no damage to the cables and there was no signal loss at all. The buyers find it a perfect fit for their populated requirements.

  Ideal For

  It is one of the best splitters available in the market. It performs well and comes in a fancy look, which makes it suitable for all kinds of customers. The high frequency range and low signal loss ensures you always gain high-performance with this device.

  4. BAMF 4-Way Coax Cable Splitter – Least Signal Loss

  Why is it Unique

  This cable splitter works well and renders signal loss of just 7dB on each output enhancing speed and performance. This makes it suitable for all sorts of applications.

  The best thing is that all its ports are power passing for convenient satellite connection. The splitter holds a high shield structure that enhances signal quality and lowers noise of digital signal. At the same time, it reduces packet loss for modems as well as all other devices.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  Most of the buyers loved this cable splitter. Though the design is simple, it performed well. It fits well in everyone’s budget and served them decently without resulting in lags or signal loss.

  Ideal for

  It is a fantastic choice for cord cutters and for those who want to upgrade their external cable box or previous splitter. It renders smooth performance for all applications and without resulting in loss of signal. It is a reasonably priced device offering exceptional performance.

  5. Cable Matters 2-Pack Bi-Directional 3-Way Coaxial Cable Splitter – Cost-Effective

  Why is it Unique

  It is a premium grade cable splitter coated with high-quality gold. It offers a corrosion free connection and serves long-lasting service for the antenna splitter.

  Its precision design coupled with zinc cast housing offers a radio frequency of 5-2450 MHz and is protected to reduce insertion loss. The F-type ports offer secured connection and make sure that humidity, water, or corrosion does not enter the connected devices.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  For buyers it is a high-quality coaxial cable at a great price. The splitter comes with an in-built in-line voltage blocking coupler that requires power for devices located away from the satellite. In addition to low insertion loss, it benefited them by working well both insider or outside.

  Ideal For

  It is a good quality splitter perfect to be used on various devices. Its cost-effectiveness and convenience makes it a great pick for all users with varying preferences and requirements.

  6. Extreme 8-Way HD Digital – High Performance

  Why is it Unique

  This broadband digital splitter is crafted to offer the highest technical performance in the industry. No matter who is your network service provider, it always offers premium signal quality.

  It hosts a frequency range of 1GHz for multi-dwelling, premise, and business applications. The Extreme coax cable splitter is a robustly engineered horizontal mount coax device delivering flawless performance and low signal loss. This 8-way digital splitter comes with zinc die cast housing and is completely soldered back ensuring finest electrical performance for all its output sources.

  Its precise construction for all electrical components and use of best material quality guarantee long-lasting service life in every location, environment, and conditions.

  The splitter is designed as per SCTE standards and is listed in UL confirming its uncompromised performance. The F-ports prevent modulation and are sealed with zinc die cast thereby holding great strength and resistance to moisture and dust.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  For buyers it worked better than most other splitters. It reduces cable clutter completely and splits over-the-air signal to 8 individual rooms with compromising on signal quality. The best thing is that it doesn’t require an additional power source.

  Ideal For

  The cable splitter is a great choice for those who don’t want to use multiple splitters. It gives a cleaner look to the entire house. Since, it works well with cable modem, TVs, and other devices, so you can go for it for almost all sorts of connections.

  7. Cable Modem Coaxial 2-Way Splitter RG-6 RG-59 – Wonderful Compatibility

  Why is it Unique

  It is a good splitter offering great signal strength. It smoothly splits 3-way signal direction without compromising on the quality.

  The splitter works well and can be mounted inside as well as inside without incurring any loss in picture quality.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  The buyers find it the best cable splitter for Comcast to TV box and modem. It worked well for most applications and delivered top-notch TV signal quality for all sources.

  8. Monoprice Premium 8-Way F-Type Coax Cable Splitter – Convenient Multiple Connections

  Why is it Unique

  The Monoprice signal is a premium device offering convenient multiple connections. It easily splits one single input into numerous separate signals. The cable is ideal and perfect for those who require additional outputs into multiple displays from a single source.

  It comes with F-Type screws and perfect for Video VCR cable TV. It is a passive splitter offering a frequency range of 5-2400 MHz1 input along with 8 output semi-isolations.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  For most of the buyers, the splitter works well for both MoCA adapter and TV. The buyers were able to easily connect it to each room, each space in the office, and between floors. In addition to its budgeted price, the splitter offered great performance to the users.

  Ideal For

  It is an excellent pick for those who want to get freedom from the mess of coax cables created by connecting cables to multiple splitters. This single splitter comes with 8 input ports, and hence, allows easy connection to various devices.

  9. Extreme Broadband BDA103HB 3-Way Coax Cable Splitter – Solid Built and Performance

  Why is it Unique

  The cable splitter comes with sealed F-ports that protect connections from wet, humid, dry, and extreme pressure conditions. For this reason, there is no possibility of moisture ingress and you always get flawless performance. It uses a 4-sided coaxial compression and offers an 8-coaxial surface contact area offering precision to the surface of the center conductor created in a progressive die.

  The cable splitter comes with SMD PCB component enclosure technologies. The high-quality manufacturing process enhances mechanical and electrical performance and ensures you always get consistently smooth operation for all your devices.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  The buyers are impressed with its superb performance that stays consistent even when multiple devices are connected. It worked well for all applications and can be installed quickly. It worked well without resulting in signal loss.

  Ideal for

  It is a great cable splitter delivering premium performance and available in solid build. It works well for all kinds of applications and renders high signal quality when connected to multiple devices. You must go for it if you want great performance without any signal loss.

  10. PCT MA28PN Amp 8-Ports – Signal Amplifier

  Why is it Unique

  The best thing is that it reduces snow on the standard cable. The splitter also alleviates image pixelation with OTA reception and digital cable.

  Its ultra-small form factor allows convenient installation in confined spaces. The device holds excellent compatibility with all cable services, which makes it a great fit to all homes.

  Buyer’s Experiences

  The buyers loved this cable splitter as it boosted signals to a high extent for all ports. It improved digital, HDTV, and analog picture quality and enhanced antenna reception as well. The compact size fits perfectly well into smaller areas, while offering amazing performance.

  Ideal For

  In addition to multiple connectivity ports, this device amplifies signal to a great extent. It can be installed at the entry point or close to the cable. The great compatibility with all cable services makes it an ideal pick for all.

  A cable splitter is a device designed especially to connect various devices using a single cable connection. It comes with multiple output and input ports for easy and enhanced connections. Such devices have a low signal loss per output source. For this reason, it can be transferred to various sources without resulting in lags or compromising on screen quality.

  There are different types of cable splitters available in the market.

  1. Active Cable Splitter

  It works almost like the passive cable splitter. The only difference is that each divides the signal to a port and includes a small volume of amplification. This splitter is the best for using a long cable as it boosts the signal to a great extent and compensates the loss incurred because of the long distance. Also, active splitters need AC power for operation.

  2. Multi-Switch Cable Splitter

  It is used primarily for satellite installation. It is suitable for multiple apartments, rooms or offices that need a signal from a signal satellite dish. The multi-switch divides the signal into multiple directions each heading to the receiver.

  3. Passive Cable Splitter

  It is a metal box in simple packaging featuring coaxial output and input. The coaxial signal transmits into the splitter and is then divided in various directions. It does not boost signal to great extent and if you connect the splitter to multiple devices then it may lead to slight signal loss.

  4. Diplex Cable Splitter

  This splitter is useful for combining antenna signals with satellite signals. It split cables into multiple directions where devices are connected. The coaxial cable available with it can be inserted into the diplexer and is divided into multiple directions needed by computers and television.

  A cable splitter comes with an output and input port that takes the signal input and delivers the same signal to multiple output sources. The quality of signal transmitted depends on the numbers of output channels and the quality of the splitter.

  Mostly, cable splitter ranges from 2-way to 16-way, and hence, you can pick one as per your requirement. There are modern cable splitters also available, which are inbuilt with the latest technology that helps to retain signal strength to a great extent without resulting in loss of modulation. It leads to superior quality of image and augmented viewing experience on cable monitors and TVs.

  Hence, the prominent functions of a cable splitter are:

  1. It offers at least two individual output signals for the internet and cable TV.

  2. The primary benefit of using the splitter is that it prevents signal loss that may occur when you directly transmit the signal to a device from the source.

  3. The cable splitters offer efficient signal strength for the cable TV and internet. However, they may lead to signal loss.

  4. It is suggested to use an additional cable splitter to gain more output signals. To prevent this, you must use a high-quality good cable splitter.

  In order to pick the best cable splitter, it is wise to consider some important factors beforehand. Considering these factors will narrow down the search and would help you pick a device that is worth investing. Here we share the important factors you must check.

  1. Frequency Range – You must check the frequency range as a splitter with low frequency spectrum delivers low signal quality. Hence, pick a device with high signal range as it will help you gain the best results. Avoid picking a splitter offering less than 2.5GHz frequency range.

  2. Durability – It is essential to pick a highly durable splitter that comes with durable and robust shielded structure and circuit board. This makes sure that the splitters perform longer and reduce noise interruptions as well. You must go for splitters coated with non-corrosive zinc or nickel as they can withstand harsh conditions and are proven to work longer. Splitters with aluminum coating can intervene with the signal resulting in signal loss.

  3. MoCA Support – Splitters supported with MoCA can efficiently handle a wider signal range and are ideal for high-speed connectivity. They are slightly expensive but perform better than other splitters.

  4. Compatibility – It is best to go with splitters holding compatibility with routers or satellites as well as other splitting conditions. You can check the manual to know its compatibility.

  5. Amplifiers – Buying splitters with in-built amplifiers is a great idea as they can enhance signal quality to a great extent. They also perform well for more demanding machines requiring more signal strength.

  6. Coax – It is better to pick coax splitters as they offer a sound signal quality and perform well with cables.

  7. Input and Output Ports – It is suggested to check the number of output and input ports before purchasing. At the same time, check the quality of sockets and it may not contain any wire leakages or issues with the socket.

  8. 2-Way or 3-Way – A cable splitter with multiple ports allows smoothly connecting multiple devices. But at the same time it can lead to signal loss. Hence, make sure you pick a splitter with multiple supports and at the same time that is proven to offer good signal quality for all or most of the connected devices.

  9. Cost – Cable splitters offering more capacity or frequency range are expensive than those that deliver low capacity. Buying a splitter offering more capacity lets you get the desired speed.

  It is wise to buy a cable splitter rather than paying twice for the same signal. Just make sure to pick the best cable splitter to make the most of it as only then it will serve your purpose. Do consider all factors listed in our buying guide to understand all aspects of a splitter and make a wise decision. We have shared honest reviews to make things simpler for you, so do check them before making a final pick.