Knowing How It Works – The Cable Signal Booster Explained

  A cable signal booster, also referred to as a cable amplifier, is a device that helps improve your TV signals, whether they are antenna or cable TV signals.

  It can help to improve the color and clarity of the signal you receive so that your favorites shows are always crystal clear.

  Most of us know that using an antenna to watch over-the-air channels, or free TV, can sometimes be a hassle.

  Even with the new digital format that is now required in all areas, your television’s signal can still go out. Or you may experience a low-quality picture with some stations that are not in range of your antenna.

  How a Cable Signal Booster Can Improve Your TV Viewing

  A cable signal booster can help to improve your antenna’s signal strength by improving the range of the antenna so that it can reach more channels. This makes those problematic stations that go in and out or have garbled images to come in much clearer. In some cases, a signal booster may even allow you to receive even more digital channels than you had before you installed the box.

  While it makes sense to have a cable amplifier if you only use an antenna for watching TV, using an amplifier with your cable TV doesn’t really seem beneficial. Shouldn’t your cable TV be clear all the time without the use of a signal booster?

  The answer is: Yes, your digital cable channels should always come in perfectly clear unless there is an issue going on with the service in your area. But, there are some things that can hinder the strength and quality of your cable’s signal. And that is the reason why you may need a cable signal booster.

  Why You May Need a Signal Booster When You Have Digital Cable

  Since your cable signal comes into your house from the outside line, it should be strong enough to give you a right, strong message that looks great on your flat-screen TV. But once you start splitting that signal between all the TVs inside your home, and all the devices that you can connect your cable to, it can take a toll on that single cable’s signal strength.

  Each time your cable’s signal splits, it causes your message to lose its quality little by little. This can cause graininess to appear on the screen or may even cause the signal to go out entirely with specific channels.

  If you have experienced this problem in the past, you may have thought it was just an issue with the channel itself. Or you may have called your cable company to find out what’s going on. In many cases, the problem is inside your home. Because of the many devices that are sharing the signal from a single cable.

  If you are unsure about which type of signal booster you should purchase, you are in luck. We have put together a list of the best cable boosters available, so you can choose the one that works best for your home electronics setup.

  The 7 Best Cable Signal Boosters

  If you have an issue with grainy channels and a bad signal, it may not be your cable company’s fault. Here are some of the best cable boosters available for you to try out and see if it helps improve your picture and clarity.

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  The PCT MA2-8P is an excellent cable signal booster for those who own a lot of electronic devices. If you have your cable connected to several devices and it is interfering with your signal strength, this 8-port signal amplifier is sure to do the trick.

  Eight ports may seem to be too much for some individuals, but for those who need that many, it’s a great benefit. This is a cable booster and a hybrid signal splitter, so even if you cancel your cable subscription, you can still use it as a splitter. Each port on the PCT MA2-8P offers up to 4-dB of a signal boost.

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  The Arris 4-Port signal booster will work with both TV and internet setups. It allows you to connect more devices than your basic splitter or amplifier. The 4-port device helps you get better reception with your antenna or cable signal while it can also improve your data speeds if you are using broadband cable internet. This device has an active return path, which means that when used for the Internet, it can help boost your upload speeds also.

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  Channel Master Ultra Mini 4 TV Antenna Amplifier, TV Antenna Signal…

  The Channel Master CM3414 2-Port signal booster is a much smaller and simpler amplifier. It is ideal for those who only need to connect the cable to one or two devices. But even though it’s small, it is still a very efficient booster. It may be used to boost your HDTV, CATV, digital RF or analog signals. And it has precision-matched ports that are manufactured to remain strong and durable for years.

  Another great thing about the Channel Master signal booster is that it costs less than others with multiple ports. It is currently available to purchase on Amazon for $29.09.

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  4 Port Cable TV/HDTV/Digital Amplifier Internet Modem Signal Booster…

  The PCT MA2-4P is a great amplifier that can help improve the performance of your cable signal. This multi-function amplifier can work with both TV and Internet cable setups. It offers a 6-kV surge protector that will keep your devices protected even if it is struck by lightning. The signal booster features gold-plated beryllium copper ports that are designed to last for years to come.

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  Fosmon HDTV Antenna, 2020 Latest, Ultra Thin Indoor Digital TV Antenna…

  The Viewsonics VSMA-604C is a great signal booster that can help you connect multiple televisions to the same signal. This device has four output ports and is capable of boosting your signal strength 5 times as much. It may be a small device, but it can offer you clearer pictures and better connection on all your devices.

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  1byone High Gain Low Noise HDTV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster for…

  The 1byOne High Gain 0570 Cable Booster is a great choice for those with low-profile applications. This set up is incredibly simple and can be connected to your devices within minutes. Included is a USB power cord and an AC adapter. This device uses a frequency range between 47 and 862 MHz. It is also a very good choice for use with passive antennas.

  This low-noise HDTV Antenna booster can improve the signal on any non-amplified antenna for up to 15 miles. Along with being a simple option, the 1byOne High Gain Booster is also very affordable.

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  The Eagle Aspen 500256 Cable Booster is another basic device that can provide your antenna with a powerful boost. This amplifier is designed for use with a single TV. It has one coaxial for input and another for the output source. It is an excellent choice for rural areas of those who have bad TV reception because it can help you to easily pick up channels that your regular antenna may have missed.

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  Which Cable Signal Booster Is the Right Choice for You?

  There are a variety of cable signal booster products available for you to choose from and each one has its own benefits and advantages to offer. These products are designed to give your cable or over-the-air antenna a boost so that your picture will be crystal clear at all times.

  Check out the signal boosters mentioned here in this review and be sure to read up on customer reviews as well so that you can find out just how effective each signal booster truly is.

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