How to Watch NFL Network Without Cable

  Are you ready for some football? If you don’t know how to watch NFL coverage without cable, then you may not be. We’ve spent plenty of time talking about how to watch NFL games without cable, but we know the NFL coverage you crave isn’t limited to live games on major networks and ESPN. You need coverage around the clock from other channels — especially NFL Network — so we’re here to talk about how to watch NFL Network without cable.

  How to Watch NFL Network Online Without Cable

  Watching NFL games without cable isn’t too tough because NFL games frequently air on “broadcast channels” — networks that broadcast their content over the air, making it easy to pick up live content for free with an over-the-air antenna. Things get a little harder when we’re talking about how to watch NFL Network without cable, though, because NFL Network isn’t a broadcast channel. It’s what we call a “network” TV channel.

  Network TV channels are available only through multichannel pay TV services, which means you have to pay a subscription fee. Thankfully, times change. Cable and satellite companies are facing very tough competition from a new breed of multichannel pay TV service: skinny bundles, the new live TV streaming services that are changing the way we watch live content.

  Not every skinny-bundle service includes NFL Network, but some very good ones do. Here are the skinny bundles that best solve our dilemma: how to watch NFL Network without cable.

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