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How to Watch MLB Online Free in the UK

  MLB (Major League Baseball) is enjoyed by countless people around the globe. Watching baseball streaming games without having to sign up for a cable subscription, and then a sports add-on can prove difficult, but much easier and cheaper to do than you might think.

  Here we will show you the best ways you can watch MLB online in the UK. First, we will take a quick overview of what is happening in the MLB.

  What is MLB all About?

  MLB can be pretty exciting when watching regular games, but it comes into its own when the World Series is on.

  This raises everything up a level or two, and it makes unmissable action. This year all the talk was again about The Boston Red Sox who won their ninth title with another convincing 5-1 victory against the Dodgers.

  From their home in Fenway Park, the Red Sox have cemented their place in history, and will in no doubt be looking to do it all again in the 2019 World Series.

  This begins in March so there isn’t much time before fans all over the world will be glued to their screens.

  Where Can I Watch MLB Online?

  There are limited places you can watch MLB online without any limits. Even people in the US are faced with game blackouts so you can see how hard it is for UK baseball fans.

  Before examining how you can tap into a live baseball stream, we will take a look at the places where it might be available.

  BTSport – unfortunately, you need a subscription to get this package.

  MLB.TV – This is the official home of all things to do with the MLB network. It is available to people in the US and Canada (geo-blocked for the UK). Streams can be on any device, but still, it is affected by game blackouts depending where games are being played.

  ESPN & Fox Sports – This is another way you can catch some of the World Series online. This includes Fox Sports which also works in the same way as ESPN so both can be accessed in the same way.

  Both ESPN and Fox offer plenty of other sports such as NHL, UFC, NBA, NFL, and many others. This can give flexibility in sports or watching MLB online. These are unfortunately also geo-blocked outside the USA.

  What are the MLB Blackout Rules?

  Simply put, these are a block on a game regardless of the provider, if it is being shown on regular TV or cable in that area.

  Most packages only provide games which are “out of market” so you end up paying for a World Series stream which you are unable to watch.

  Putting it into context means if you are trying to watch the Red Sox play the Los Angeles Dodgers and your connection is in Massachusetts or a neighbouring state, then you won’t be able to watch it.

  These seem unfair, but in the next section, you can see it isn’t much of a problem for UK viewers to watch the World Series online.

  Bypassing Geo-restrictions and Blackout Rules

  The secret is to first bypass any geo-restrictions, and this can quickly be done by using one of the top rated VPN providers.

  These bring many more benefits than just enabling you to watch live games when they are being played.

  Choosing the best UK VPN can be a trial itself, so to make it easier we have done almost all the work for you.

  Here are the best two which will help you to watch any of the MLB playoff games ready for the next instalment of the World Series.

  NordVPN is the world’s number two and has a large network that will allow connections all around the USA.

  This can enable access to almost every geo-blocked, or restricted MLB stream from any streaming service regardless of the country (only gives access past the geo-restrictions, subscriptions will still apply).

  When you look at our ExpressVPN review, you see the same as the previous VPN but there are more features, and their content accessing is second to none.

  You can also see their sign up process is super easy, and they give the best 30-day money back guarantee.

  If you try the service and find a reason not to carry on, you can make use of this guarantee and cancel your subscription with the click of a button with no need to please contact customer support or anything.

  How to Use a VPN to Watch MLB

  After signing up with ExpressVPN, all you need to do is choose a country from the drop-down list and change it to a US based server.

  Next, depending on the service you have decided to use, you can complete their sign-up procedure. ESPN being the easiest.

  Once you have created an account, you can then start watching a live stream or go back and watch previous World Series games.

  You might be wondering about the blackouts and worried you might not be able to watch a World Series stream of your favourite team.

  ExpressVPN has you covered. All you need to do is connect from a US city which is in no close vicinity to the two teams which are playing. Then you can avoid the MLB games blackouts.

  If you think you can watch MLB online free, the only option is to either sign up to a TV channel in the US which is giving a free trial and then cancel the subscription before you need to start paying.

  No matter what option you choose, it still needs a VPN to bypass the US-based geo-restrictions. Then you can be watching the World Series online when it kicks off next year.

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