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  Update on 10/30/2019

  A Discovery Channel series, Gold Rush is an American reality show centered around the mining of gold in the Yukon Territory of Canada. It’s one of my favorite shows, although I have no idea why. Maybe it’s the way gold rush narrator Paul Christie reliably recaps the events preceding each commercial break, lending a relaxing predictability to the Yukon’s lack thereof. Discovery has perfected the clockwork drama of the “strike-it rich”, hard working reality TV series.


  Now in its tenth season, Gold Rush?continues to appeal to a broad viewing population . In total they have produced over 100 episodes running about an hour in length, with its series premiere coming in December of 2010. Its earlier seasons featured a much smaller number of episodes, totaling 11, 16, and 16 episodes in the first three seasons respectively. By the end of season seven however, each season featured a little more than 20 episodes per year, maxing out with 24 episodes in season five.

  As with many of Discovery Channel’s reality series, Gold Rush has garnered a respectable viewership for a premium cable channel television series. Reaching its highest popularity in season two with an average of 4.59 million viewers per episode, they have maintained a similar audience with an average hovering around 4 million viewers for the rest of the series, while recent episodes have boasted a viewership will above 6 Million (R).


  Catching Gold Fever

  In the first season of Gold Rush,?featured six men who had recently lost their jobs due to the recession, led by the Todd Hoffman, who’s typically?faulty optimism drives much of the drama both inside and out of the Hoffman’s base camp. For these men and their families, the stakes are?high, underscoring the risks involved and their inexperience.

  Over the course of the series current run, the Hoffman’s have managed some degree of success, often in-spite of themselves. Their story has taken a back seat to some of the Yukon’s most experienced prospector’s, Tony Beets and “Dakota” Fred Hurt, and the young mining progeny, Parker Schnabel. Allowing the Hoffman’s to provide a bit of comic relief.

  Streaming Gold Rush Online

  For those of you who are avid fans of Gold Rush, or perhaps are looking to try out the show for the first time, there are a few different options when it comes to enjoying all of the different seasons of this hit reality show. Due to the high number of seasons and episodes, the online streaming coverage of Gold Rush is a bit varied, so we will break down the best way to watch each season below.


  Watch Episode of Gold Rush on

  The first option for streaming Gold Rush online is through the Discovery Channel webpage, with seasons 1-8 currently available online. To view these episodes, you’ll need to log in with a valid cable subscription account, so if you have access to one of their permitted cable providers, this is one of the easiest ways to view a majority of the show. Another option for on-demand streaming comes with Hulu, with seasons 4, 5, and 6, being available to subscribers of that service. Unfortunately, Gold Rush is not currently a part of the Netflix library, but as with many shows, it may see an eventual release through their network.

  Find Gold Rush on Streaming TV Services

  To watch any new seasons of Gold Rush, or possibly re-runs of old episodes, cable channel packages through online subscriptions like Hulu with Live TV , and Sling TV will carry the Discovery Channel in their base packages. This means you’ll be able to watch Gold Rush live as they are broadcast, as well as the rest of the Discovery Channel show lineup.

  GOLD Rush On DemandHulu– Seasons 4,5,and 6, available with basic Hulu subscriptionNetflix– Not currently available.Amazon Prime-Episodes and seasons available for individual purchase.Sling TV– Discovery is not currently a part of the Sling TV network..DirectTV Now- Discovery Channel is included in the base channel package, so any new episodes will be available to stream live, as well as any re-airings of old episodes.Download?Individual Episodes or Seasons of Gold Rush

  It’s not the cheapest way to watch Gold Rush, but A la Carte services can be a great way to get the latest episodes that aren’t available on other cable alternatives.

  Amazon PrimePrice Per Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99Season 1: HD $9.99 – SD $9.99Season 2: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 3: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 4: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 5: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 6: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 7: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 8: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Google Play StorePrice Per Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99Season 1: HD $14.99 Season 2: HD $24.99 Season 3: HD $24.99Season 4: HD $24.99Season 5: HD $24.99Season 6: HD $29.99Season 7: HD $29.99Season 8: HD $29.99iTunesPrice Per Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99Season 1: HD $9.99 – SD $9.99Season 2: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 3: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 4: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 5: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 6: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 7: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 8: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Fandango NowPrice Per Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99Season 1: Individual episodes availableSeason 2: Individual episodes availableSeason 3: Individual episodes availableSeason 4: HD $23.99 – SD $23.99Season 5: HD $23.99 – SD $23.99Season 6: HD $28.99 – SD $28.99Season 7: HD $28.99 – SD $28.99Season 8: HD $28.99 – SD $28.99Microsoft StorePrice Per Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99Season 1: SD $14.99Season 2: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 3: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 4: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 5: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 6: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 7: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 8: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99PlayStation StorePrice Per Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99Season 1: HD $14.99 – SD $14.99Season 2: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 3: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 4: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 5: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 6: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 7: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 8: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99VuduPrice Per Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99Season 3: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 4: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 5: HD $24.99 – SD $24.99Season 6: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 7: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99Season 8: HD $29.99 – SD $29.99


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