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How to watch college football without cable for free

  If you want to watch your favorite college football team, then you may think that you will have to sign up for some expense cable package. The truth is that there are a number of ways that you can watch almost any college football game online without having to pay for cable.

  A warning on free streams available online

  In the past, people used to visit Reddit to watch football for free. However, Reddit has since banned those subreddits. Additionally, if you Google, “Watch college football for free,” you will find a number of streaming options available from exotic domain names. However, just about all of these websites are illegal. Also, these streams are only available via content lockers where you click on an ad or fill out a survey. Also, these sites are packed with a number of ads and will cause your screen to freeze from time to time.

  Top ways to watch college football online without cable?

  Here is a list of the top online streaming services that allow you to watch college football online without having to sign up for cable. Each of these services are licensed and legal to use in the United States.

  1). Sling TV

  If you are a fan of ESPN, then the cheapest way to watch the channel is by signing up with Sling TV. Sling TV is known for providing a number of tiered services that allow you to get packages suited around your viewing needs.?

  The Sling Orange package is only $25 a month and allows you to watch ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. With the Sport Extra package, you can also get ESPNU, Pac-12 Network, SEC Network and the Stadium Network for an extra $5 per month.

  All told, you should be able to get all the college football that you want for $30 a month.

  What great about Sling TV:

  Cheapest way to access top ESPN channelsNo annual contract

  2). Hulu with Live TV

  If you want to get ESPN and Fox Sports, then you will want to check out Hulu with Live TV. This package costs $44.95 per month and allows you to get two of the top sports networks in one package.

  Also, Hulu with Live TV allows you to get access to your four top local channels. However, there are some exceptions in certain markets. In addition to lots of college football, the Hulu with Live TV package comes with an on-demand library of movies and TV services.

  What’s great about Hulu with Live TV:

  Access to ESPN and Fox SportsAccess to local channels (in most markets)Access to on-demand movies and TV series?

  3). College Sports Live

  If you want another great budget option, then check out College Sports Live. This streaming service partners with over 70 schools. A number of these schools play in smaller conferences. However, you can also find some big name schools available including USC, Norte Dame and Penn State. The service cost only $9.95 per month.

  What’s great about College Sports Live

  Low cost service

  Access to games from over 70 schools?

  4). CBS All Access

  With CBS All Access you will be able to watch your local CBS station along with the CBS Sports Network. This service is one of the least expensive available at only $5.99 per month. If you want to go commercial free, then you can pay $9.95 per month.

  CBS Sports hosts a number of top college football games. You will be sure to catch some of the biggest games of the year.

  What’s great about CBS All Access

  Low cost serviceAccess to local CBS stationAccess to CBS Sports?

  5). DirecTV Now

  If you like DirecTV but you don’t want to deal with a DirecTV contract, then you will want to check out DirecTV Now. For $55 a month, you get access to a number of channels including top sports channels. You also get 20-hours of cloud free DVR so you can record you favorite games. Here’s a look at the sports channels available:

  ESPNESPN 2ESPNUFS1SEC NetworkBig Ten NetworkLocal ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX channels (where available)

  What’s great about DirecTV Now:

  Lots of sports channels availableMany other non-sports channels availableAccess to 20 hours of cloud free DVR?

  6). ESPN+

  Looking for a low cost way to watch college football games from smaller schools? Then you will want to check out the ESPN+ app. For just $4.99 a month, you can watch games from small divisions and colleges.

  In addition to streaming college football games, you will also be able to watch European soccer, NHL hockey and Canadian football.

  What’s great about ESPN+:

  Low cost optionMany sports available?

  7). Youtube TV

  Want something close to cable service without dealing with cable? Then you will want to check out Youtube TV. This service gives you access to 85 channels including ESPN and FS1. You will also have access to unlimited DVR storage. Also, you will have access to catch the big college football games on CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. The service doesn’t come cheap. You will pay about $65.99 per month. However, this is still a 33% discount from comparable services from cable companies.?

  What’s great about Youtube TV:

  Lots of sports channelsLots of non-sports channelsUnlimited DVR storage

  Getting your favorite college football games without the cable service

  You don’t have to deal with cable companies when it comes to watching your favorite college football game. Be sure to check out the online streaming services listed above. Also, be sure that the online streaming services offers games from your favorite teams of college football conferences before you sign up.

  Why cut the cable cord?

  Thanks to the number of online options out there, you no longer have to deal with cable companies. Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider cutting the cord with cable.?

  1). Paying for channels that you don’t want

  When you sign up for a cable package, you usually end up with a bunch of channels that you will never watch. After all, you want to watch college football, not home and gardening. By cutting out cable, you only have to pay for what you want to watch.

  2). High cost

  Year after year, the price of cable services seem to go up. That’s because major cable channels such as ESPN, HBO and Showtime raise their fees to the cable companies. The cable companies, in return, raise your monthly bill.

  3). Dealing with contracts

  When you sign up to a cable company, you usually have to commit yourself to a 12-month contract. With many of the online stream services available, you only have to pay month to month. This can prevent you from writing a big check at one time.

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