Its important to test the RCA outputs on your car stereo using a multimeter tool if you are getting no sound from your amplifier. This will help you determine what exactly the problem is more accurately and if its associated with any of the RCA outputs on the radio. They are used to transfer an output signal into your car amplifier through rca cables, if RCA sockets on your CD player are faulty you will result in no music to be heard. This guide can be used to test both speaker and subwoofer RCA preamp outputs.

  1) Set your multimeter tool to read in AC volts.

  2) Ensure that the volume on the car stereo is almost turned up fully. This will send a strong signal to the RCA’s for it to be picked up more easily.

  3) Using the probes measure the ac voltage from the centre pin and the outer ring.

  4) If you see the AC voltage is going up and down on the read out screen thats normal and shows there is no problem, so you will have to perform further diagnositc troubleshooting. However, if you get readings in DC or no readings at all, it shows you have a problem with the RCA preamp outputs not working.

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