We live in a world of advanced technology where everything happens on the Internet. We surely don’t need to explain why we use Ethernet cables, do we? These simple cables help connect computers when we use a wired internet connection.

  Sometimes what happens is, the cable at hand is too short, and the length may not be enough to connect the computers. What do you do then? You engage in a method called Ethernet cable splicing and join two cables together to form one long cable. Let’s dig deeper and understand how to splice a network cable:

  How to Splice Ethernet Cable?You will need a wire cutter to cut the cables you are looking to splice. Cut them at a length 1-inch longer than your requirement.Get rid of the insulation on the top ? inch of each cable. Be very careful here because some people end up cutting the wire as well. You only have to remove the insulation and nothing else. The wire should be exposed at this point.Each wire that’s exposed needs to be stripped now. Strip 0.5 inch of each wire.We all know wires have pairs. Unwind them according to your need.Now you should work towards bringing the two individual wires together. Take the cables you want to splice and wind similar wires of each together. Wires are differently colored, making it easy for you to understand which wire to wind with which.Use electrical tape to seal the wires once you finish winding each spliced wire.Use more electrical tape to seal the entire thing together. Be liberal here and use as much electrical tape as needed to cover the exposed wires.Now, you can start using your spliced Ethernet cable with ease!

  Splicing Ethernet cables is no rocket science! All you need is some patience and care to bring two wires together and seal them. A few minutes’ worth works will save you a lot of hassle later on.

  We hope this guide was clear enough and helped you understand. If you have any doubts, please feel free to Comment.

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