How to Splice Coaxial Cable Using Connectors | Without Connectors

  Coaxial cable is also known as “Coax”, and it is kind of copper cable that is especially made with metal shield and other components engineered to block signal interference.

  If, you are using the coax cable, then you should be known that how to splice coax cable with using connectors.


  Now these days, coax cable’s splice is very easy task, so anyone is capable to splice of coax cable. There is no need to hire any professional for performing this task.

  But, before splicing coax cable, you must be presented some tools which are easily available at your nearest any hardware store. Such as –Coax cable stripperCoax compression connectorsCoax compression toolAdditional coax cable (if you want to scale the length of cable)Barrel connector or splice adapter

  Now, all these tools are ready, and then we can start to process of splicing coaxial cable.

  Now, Let’s Start –How to Splice Coax Cable using Connectors

  There are four steps for splicing a coax cable and with using these instructions you can easily splice your coax cable; below explain each oneStep 1: Strip the cable with using of coax cable stripperThe stripper is able to strip for all types of cable, but you make ensure that this stripper is capable to strip your coax cable.Let’s start, to strip one of terminated edges, but before stripping, make sure that both ending edges meet the guide marked on the stripper tool. It must be same length of coaxial cable while getting to splice.After completing your stripping process, you can see the insulation of your coaxial cable and then wire mesh with cover it. Small portion of copper cable would be protruding out on the trip.Now further, you do not require the wire mesh, so fold it back into outer casing.

  Note: Don’t leave any stray wires because it can create various interfere along with signal quality.Step 2: Insert coal compression connectors on coax cableTake coax cable compression connector, and try to fix it properly on the insulated portion of coax cable without getting to damage of copper wire that is protruding at the tip, and copper wire must be protruded out of the connector.Same process will be repeated for other edge of the coax cable.Step 3: Carefully handle coax compression toolsCoax compression tools can be used with many kinds of coaxial cable. Put the coax cable end with compression connector and press it with forcefully until connector crimps properly with the wire.Same process will be repeated for other edge of the coax cable.Step 4: To be used barrel connectorPut each cable in to barrel connector but keep mind that protruding copper wire insert into female connector ports that is presented at the both ends, and finally tight? the cable connector on the barrel connector then finished your splicing process.How to Splice Coaxial Cable Without Connectors

  Oh!! If you have not any commercial tools then don’t worry, you have alternative option that is splice coaxial cable without connectors.

  Here, we spread light that How to splice coaxial cable without connectors.

  Let’s start!!To strip off rubber shield of coaxial cable with using of sharp knifeCut down a small portion of insulator at tips for getting to expose copper wire.To get solder copper wires with each other: Can be used some electric tapes for making good insulation.Get pull back wire mesh towards tip from both ends.Get solder wire mesh with each other.Must be covered soldered connection along with electrical tape for getting great conductivity.

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