How to Set Up Starlink Internet Service at Home

  Starlink is SpaceX’s satellite constellation project that places small satellites in low Earth orbit to beam internet signals that can be broadcast locally or wire directly to the Starlink router.

  Unlike the usual cellphone signal or 5G, Starlink satellite internet service allows a home, business, or anyone in a remote location to connect to the internet via a satellite.

  Presently, over 1,200 Starlink satellites are orbiting around the planet and the company still plans to deploy at least 12,000 more satellites, with a plan of deploying a total of 30,000 satellites in the future to ensure global internet access.

  There are over 10,000 users of Starlink worldwide and more preorders in different countries as its demand grows. Elon Musk’s goal is to build a high-speed broadband system that provides internet all over the world with the fastest confirmed speed of 203.74Mbps and a ping of 29ms, according to MakeUseOf.

  But how to set up the $499 satellite service from your home? Starlink has released five easy steps to assemble the Starlink internet service from home.

  1. Find an Open Space

  The first step Starlink advises its user is to look for open space. According to Yahoo! the terminal needs to have 100 degrees clear sky above it for best results and to easily connect to the satellites. Then the user is set to prepare the kit in the area.

  2. Follow the Instructions of the Starlink Kit

  The next step is to open the gray Starlink box and take out the sheet of paper with three drawings on it. This paper contains instructions on how to set up the Starlink kit.

  Take the instructions and see the Starlink kit neatly stacked with the tripod placed on top of the terminal next to the router and black wire that measures about 100 meters. The terminal, also known as “dishy,” weighs around 10 pounds according to Starlink users.

  3. Start Building the Starlink Kit

  Take the tripod of the kit and place it on the ground and click the rod of the terminal into it. After that, the router is already connected to the terminal and the cable.

  For those who want to place their Starlink kit on the roof or pole, they may buy the “Volcano Roof Mount” or a “Pipe Adapter” from the website of Starlink.

  Starlink user Dan Ventrudo from northern Ontario, Canada said that setting up the Starlink kit is so easy as everything is already plugged in and ready to go.

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  4. Plug the Starlink Kit to a Power Source

  The fourth step is to plug the Starlink kit into a power source to keep it up and running. There will appear two white lights on the power brick indicating that it is “on” and then the terminal will tilt upwards.

  Starlink user Gary Konkoi from Wisconsin said that the ordering and set up of Starlink was truly simple and easy. Now, he feels he is genuinely a part of the 21st century.

  5. Download Starlink App

  Last but not the least, is to download the Starlink application. To set up the app, click the “Start Setup” button and then click on the “Open Wifi Settings” option and join the Starlink network.

  Then the user may set up their Wifi name and password using the app, and connect their device to Starlink. The user could go back to the app to check when the terminal connects to satellites. The Starlink dish will tilt to align to any of the Starlink satellites in orbit that may take to a few minutes.

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