How to Renew Gshare IKS/SDS Accounts and Forever Server on Compatible Decoders

  I sincerely believe that there is some element of joy when one can perform certain tasks on his or her own. Today, I shall be discussing a crucial topic on how to renew forever server and Gshare iks/sks accounts online and by yourself on supported decoders.


  What is Gshare IKS or SDS Account?

  Gshare is the broad name given to the? IKS/SKS/SDS cardsharing server that is provided by some unknown groups in Middle-East Asia. This account has been adopted as the proprietary accounts of some top satellite decoders such as tigerstar,?, starsat HD, starmax, Geant HD and so on.

  Gshare account has been in use since the days of “microbox dongle” which preceded the release of avatar dongles. When there was a switch from sks/sds technology to iks, share account was integrated into decoders. Subsequently, other stb manufacturers adopted the server.

  In addition, there are many sub-categories or variants of Gshare server such as gshare forever account, gshare funcam, gshare apollo, ghsare1,2 and 3, gshare internet account and gshare SDS accounts. The server opens several satellite packages in Europe, Africa and Asia.

  What are Cardsharing Servers/Accounts?

  You will notice that in my explanation above, I mentioned the name cardsharing. Now, what is cardsharing with respect to satellite tv technology?

  Cardsharing is the process of sharing a valid smart card subscription with many satellite receivers to watch pay-tv channels freely or at a fraction of the official subscription fee. Therefore, Card sharing method enables users to watch scrambled or encrypted pay channels by many viewers (receivers) with the use of only one valid digital smart card. If you want to learn more about this including how you can setup a card sharing server of your own, please proceed to read my DIY guide here.

  Categories and types of Cardsharing Servers

  There are two broad categories of card sharing servers namely:

  Internet keys sharing simply known as IKS

  Satellite keys sharing or satellite data sharing also known as SKS/SDS.

  Types of Card Sharing Accounts

  Types of SKS/SDS? Accounts

  Examples of IKS Accounts

  Biss acoounts

  Gshare accounts and other internet-dependent proprietary accounts

  PowerVu service accounts

  Any Cccam, mgcamd Accounts

  Other accounts that doesn’t use internet to open encrypted channels such as Gshare SDS

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  Types or Variants of Gshare Servers

  The following account types fall under the gshare server and they are jointly categorized as gshare accounts. All ghsare accounts have a minimum of 1-year validity. The only exception here is funcam which has just 6 months




  Gshare SDS: The only Card sharing Gshare account that doesn’t require internet to operate


  Gshare-Funcam: Usually comes with 6 months validity

  Gshare FOREVER

  Gshare APOLO: This is the official IPTV server for Ghare and forever supported devices

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  What types of Decoders Support the Installation of a Gshare Account and Forever Server?

  The decoders listed below and similar ones can be renewed with a ghsare account or forever server because the come with server protocol. These accounts have validity ranging from 6 months to one year.? the cost for a one-year renewal is between $0 to $45 depending on the package. This list below is not by any means exhaustive and that is why i will give you tips on how to know if your decoder supports gshare or not

  TigerStar T-Series Decoders: list include Tiger T8hd ultra, T3000, Tiger T800+mini, T300- mega, T3000 Extra, T800 hyper, T8 Mini Ultra,

  T-Link decoders: 300, 600, 900 and 1000 HD

  Strong srt 4950(supports gshare after installation of a patch software)

  SKYSAT S2020

  Geant 88 HD Plus

  Startrack Pinnacle

  Geant 77 HD New

  Starsat 10000 HD

  Pinnacle 9500 HD

  YTiger T650 HD

  Qmax VH 2 HD

  Starsat 7000 HD

  Tiger T6 High HD

  Magnum mr-3000hd

  starsat 2000hd hyper


  Bware HK5400

  vizyon 7700 Receiver

  class HD 15000x

  geant gn cx 4200

  truman 9090 hd

  starsat sr x9990hd

  Megasat HD 950

  Bware Combo

  GiGaBlue x1 HD openvix

  Next Ye 18500 HD +

  StarMax A5+(funcam)

  How to Check if your Decoder is Compatible with Gshare Account or Forever Server

  First off, the decoder must have a 12 digits serial number on the box or in the “about STB” menu of the decoder. To view your 12 digits serial number within your decoder, press menu on your remote then select “about STB”.

  Furthermore, you must have seen ghsare account protocol in the server list on the decoder. To access the ghshare server, First, connect your decoder to the internet then press F1?and?666 in quick succession on your remote control you will see the default server type which must indicate Ghshare1, 2 or 3. If your remote doesn’t respond to the shortcode, press menu on your RCU>>goto expansion and you will see the server.

  Requirements for Renewing Your? forever server and Gshare on Supported Receivers

  There are basic requirements for renewing a forever, funcam, apollo or gshare account successfully. Once you have these basic things in place, you can easily renew your account on your own.

  Firstly, I will strongly advise that you upgrade your satellite decoder to the latest software available. Upgrading to the latest software will enhance your decoder’s performance and stability with the account.? You can also upgrade your devices via the decoder’s builtin software upgrade menu.

  Secondly, you need to connect your decoder to relatively fast and stable internet.

  Of course, you need money. Make sure you have enough balance in your PayPal account or BTC wallet. Set this aside for the renewal. Make you have at least $45

  There mustn’t be electricity failure or outage throughout the process. Failure to heed this instruction may result in an incomplete account recharge process.

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  How to Recharge or Renew forever server and Gshare IKS/SDS Account on Supported Decoders

  Search for Gshare account recharging sites on You can do this by typing something like this search term “renew gshare”. You will see many websites that offer this service. go with the most highly rated. Mind you, for peace of mind, you may choose to go with a site that has HTTPS. I discovered that renewbox? is efficient for all Gshare servers. Similarly? is competent when it comes to Forever Server recharging.

  Secondly, be aware that you will need either PayPal or BTC to pay these guys.

  Next, input your “12 digits serial number” as seen below

  Enter your Auth Code. This is optional in most cases

  Verify that your box is actually expired by using the website to “query” the account validity.

  Before payment, make sure your decoder is switched on.

  After your payment is confirmed, press the “charge” button on the recharge site.

  Now, wait for the transaction to complete within the same window. This may take between 30 minutes and 1 hour

  You will receive a pop-up message saying “Charge Successful”

  Then Query the “Serial Number” to verify if it is actually renewed

  The new query after renewal will give you your new validity period on any of the account you opted to recharge. This could be apollo, funcam,? Forever Server or Gshare Account

  Finally, you can now reboot your decoder and start enjoying your favorite channels.

  Congratulations, you have renewed your Forever, apollo or Ghshare account for another one year.

  Packages and Channels on Gshare

  It is a known fact that Gshare account is associated with broadcast piracy as a result of its involvement in illegal cardsharing. Take note of this as we are not encouraging such. We aren’t going to link you directly to anyone who can help you renew your account. However, you can easily do the same yourself. The below satellite list is fully supported by the Gshare server and they contain any form of tv program that you can imagine. This includes football matches across the globe, news, entertainment, movies and other sporting events.

  Iraq&Lebaon Local [1.0E]

  Astra 4A [5.0E]

  Eutelsat 9A [9.0E]

  Hotbird [13.0E] 10719

  Hispasat [30.0W]

  Eutelsat 16A [16.0E]

  Astra1 [19.2E]

  Astra 3A/3B [23.5E]

  Astra 2 [28.2E]

  Hellas Sat 2 [39.0E]

  Turksat 2A/3A [42.0E]

  Thaicom 5 [78.5E]

  Measat 3/3a [91.5E]

  Optus C1/D3 [156.0E]

  Nilesat [7.0W]

  Thor 5/6 [1.0W]

  Eutelsat 5 [5.0W]

  List of Satellite that you can Use as Gshare SDS Server

  Express AM8 14.0oW (frequency: 10955 H 1555 KU band) still active

  Eutelsat 12 at 12.5oW(frequency: 10963 V 4600 Ku band) very active

  Yahsat (52.5E)

  Eutelsat W3A-1 (7.0E)

  Eutelsat W3A Africa (7.0E) partially active

  W6 or W6-1(21.6E)

  Steps to activate the SDS mode After Gshare Account Renewal


  This step will be helpful if you want to enable share ads mode on a compatible decoder with a valid account.

  Firstly, track your dish and point it to any working “Gshare SDS Server” from my list above. You can use a 90cm dish in west Africa to track the server. SDS mode uses either Express AM8 14.0oW (frequency: 10955 H 1555 KU band) or Eutelsat 12 at 12.5oW(frequency: 10963 V 4600 Ku band)

  Secondly, track the satellite package that you want to watch. Hotbird is the most popular on this list. you will need a dish bigger than 3.5meters to receive most channels on Hotbird.

  Next, connect the LNB cable coming from your Hotbird to “tuner 1” LNB port.

  Connect the LNB/coaxial cable from your server dish to the “tuner 2” LNB IN port at the back of your decoder.

  Now, you need to power on your receiver and once it boots dial “F1 + 111” on your remote in quick succession and it will take you to the UART Mode list choose “SDS Mode”.

  Congratulations, you have enabled SDS mode and you can use it to watch satellite tv packages supported by the server.? I will quickly add that the internet(iks) mode is overall more reliable than SDS mode.

  Bonus Point: Download T.Link 900H Software

  Download and upgrade your 900hd to at least version 1.73 you can download it 1Tlink900_V173_20131115_8M_2Tuner. To learn how to load software into decoder via USB, follow this guide.

  Check your SDS expiry info by pressing the following on your remote: F1 111>>SDS MODE>>Don’t choose w3a Africa, simply scroll down to where you see SDS inf>> note your current date and expiry date.

  Check your serial number; now your serial number in this sense is not the one on the body of your decoder, please check the one from the following path in your decoder settings>>About stb.

  The final part is for you to contact me for the renewal proper. Like I said all we need is your serial number, and by the time we are done you will see your decoder come back to life for another 365days

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