How to make your own RG6 cables the Solid Signal way

  Put your finger into the ring in the cable tool, and while holding the cable with the other hand, spin the tool around the cable. You’ll need to practice this several times until you get it right, because if you cut too far you’ll need to start over and if you don’t cut far enough it will be hard to get the cable ready for the next step.

  You should be able to feel the resistance as the tool cuts through the wire. If this is double-shielded cable you may only need to spin around once. Quad shield may take two or three times around.


  When you’re done, you’ll see something like this. The part on the very right should slide off easily to reveal bare wire. The part in the middle should slide off to show braided wire.


  If this is quad shield cable, then one layer of foil and braid should also come off. If this is double shielded cable, only the rubber sheath should come off.

  If you cut all the way down to the foil,?you will have to start over again.

  Practice this part several times and you will get used to spinning the tool just enough to make sure you cut what you want to cut and leave what you want to leave.

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