How to Make TV Antenna from Coaxial Cable

How to Make TV Antenna from Coaxial Cable (Latest Guide)

Many people think that using an outdoor TV antenna is an outdated and obsolete idea. The truth is that it may be outdated or old-fashioned, but one can get a chance to watch TV channels without spending a penny on the cable or the service providing companies. Here in this article, we will tell you how to make a TV antenna from coaxial cable and get free broadcasts daily.How to Make TV Antenna from Coaxial Cable – (Latest Guide)

How To Make TV Antenna From Coaxial Cable

Required Supplies

First of all, you will need to have the following tools to make your own outdoor tv antenna from coaxial cable,

A coaxial cable

Any empty steel can and newspaper/worksheet

Screws and hammer

Wire cutters

Duct tape


The procedure of making Tv antenna from a coaxial cable can be tricky sometimes, but you need to hold on to your horses and follow the steps mentioned below properly to make it simple and easy for you.

1. Place A Newspaper Or Worksheet On The Floor

First of all, cover your floor with a newspaper or worksheet to protect it from stains while working. Then, place the empty steel can upside down.

2. Make A Hole In The Coffee Can

Next, make a hole in the steel can with the help of the screws and hammer. Ensure that the hole is of the size that it can hold the nail tightly, so it doesn’t make it large or small for the required purpose. Please do not take out the pin from the can, i.e., leave it resting in it.

3. Size The Coaxial Cable

After hammering the nail successfully in the steel can. Please take out the coaxial cable, measure it to approximately 8 inches and cut it off from one end with the wire cutter.

4. Peel Off The Insulation Cover From The Coaxial Cable

The next thing you will have to do is measure the wire to 6 inches and then remove the insulation cover from it, including the inner wire bands.

5. Attach The Naked Wires And Add Protection

Attach the bare 6 inches of wire to the nail embedded in the empty steel can. Also, add protection by attaching the duct tape to the hole of the can that holds the coaxial cable.

6. Connect The Coaxial Cable Antenna

Lastly, connect the long coaxial cable antenna to the coaxial connector, making it your input for your TV’s antenna. And watch your favorite program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get an HD signal through a coaxial cable?

No, you cannot get an HD signal through a coaxial cable.

Can I use the existing coax cable for an antenna?

Yes, you can use the existing coax cable for an antenna.

You can also watch video for more in-depth detail of making TV Antenna from Coaxial Cable.

Wrapping up

In this era of inflation, cables are considered a luxury; many people want to watch tv but are unwilling to spend much on it. So, we have tried to bring the best cheap solution for such people, which is how to make TV antennas from coaxial cable. Follow the above-mentioned steps and keep visiting us for more content.

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