How To Make A TV Antenna Using A Coaxial Cable?

  Nowadays, there are many platforms to access the programs and broadcast of your need. So, most of the people find it difficult to you watch TV with so many ads in the way and obviously by the payment method. If you get a cable connection, you can access national as well as international TV channels. Most of them have a blurry print, and many of them are those you don’t need to watch, and you don’t even know that they exist.

  So, no one likes to pay for the channels that he doesn’t want. So, it is better to get access to these networks for free. Having a TV antenna installed is the best option for this purpose. You can make a TV antenna with simple things at your home, including a coaxial cable.

  But there is a little complication attached with installing an antenna at your place. First of all, you need to check the access range of the TV channels in your area. For this, we need to enter the zip code in the station finding panel. If you have green and yellow signals, then it is suitable for you to install a TV antenna. If you get Red or blue signals, then a TV antenna would not work for you.

  There are three basic things required for building a coaxial TV antenna. A TV, an antenna, and a coaxial cable. Other than these things, you need a wire cutter, some nuts and a piece of newspaper or cloth. There are certain specifications with everything; for example, the TV you have must have a TV box to connect to the coaxial cable.