Are you looking for a quick and easy DIY installation or repair for your coax cable?

  Our F-type Crimp connector for RG6 Quad Shield will provide a simple solution for your wiring needs.

  The connector is a single piece consisting of the connector housing and an attached crimp ring.

  For this installation you will need: A coax stripper, coax cable, a crimp tool, and the F-type connector.

  Keep in mind, you will want to make sure that your coax stripper, crimp tool, and connector match the coax cable that you are installing.

  Using your cable stripper, strip back the outer jacket and dielectric. The advantage of using a cable stripper is that it will strip back the jacket and dielectric at the same time.

  Pull back the braided shield and Insert the connector housing onto the cable. You will need to flare out the outer jacket to make sure the connector is able to fully make contact. Apply pressure and twist as needed.

  Crimp the ferrule onto the outer jacket to complete termination.

  Congratulations, you have successfully installed the F-type connector.

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