How to install coax cable fittings

  Installing coax cable compression fittings requires the proper tools.

  I have installed thousands of cable fittings in my career and I still can’t make a perfect connection without the proper tools. It only takes one bad connection to ruin the reception of the entire antenna system. Done correctly the connection won’t pull off the cable even under extreme conditions. It will be a watertight connection with no need for rubber boots, or sealers of any type. The connector itself becomes the watertight seal. Compression fittings > are far superior to crimp fittings. For that reason we no longer carry crimp fittings or crimp tools.

  We use the same tools out in the field installing TV antennas as we offer in our store. I can verify their superior function and quality.

  Coax cable wire cutters

  Cutters, should be sharp and cut the cable cleanly. Without smashing it out of round or failing to cut all of the tiny wires of the cable shield. A single tiny shielding wire that comes in contact with the center copper wire of the cable will ruin the TV reception.

  Coax cable wire strippers

  Strippers, prepare the coax cable in one step. Simply insert the coax cable into the cutters, spin it around a few times and the cable is now ready for the fitting. The cutters above are adjustable using the L wrench included.


  Coax cable fitting compression tool

  Compression tool creates a strong watertight fitting by compressing the fitting properly. This tool does that perfectly every time.

  Step #1

  Adjust the coaxial cable wire strippers so the first cut is down to the center copper wire. Adjust the second cut so it cuts through only the rubber jacket. This may take few attempts to get the tool adjusted just right.

  Adjusting stripper tool


  With the stripper properly adjusted insert the cable into the strippers so the end of the cable is flush with the edge of the stripper. Spin the stripper around the cable until it turns freely. Pull the stripper away from the cable while lightly squeezing the jaws of the stripper onto the cable. You should now have a cable that’s ready to install a connector fitting.

  Stripping coax cable

  Prepared coax cable


  Slide the coaxial cable compression fitting onto the cable. This sometimes requires a pair of pliers to grip the connector if the fitting is stubborn and does not want to slide on easily.

  Slide fitting onto cable

  Fitting on coax cable


  With the compression fitting properly fitted to the coax cable insert the fitting into the compression tool. When the connector is in place squeeze the handle to compress the connector onto the cable.

  Coax cable fitting compression tool

  Coax Cable compression tool kit

  Coax cable compression tool kit >


  TV Antenna wiring kit

  Complete wiring kit >

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