How to Increase Your Internet Speed | Aussie Cabling

  Having looked at why your Internet is slow or problematic,

  we are now able to offer some suggestions on how to fix your slow or troublesome Internet connection, stop those annoying ADSL dropouts

  and increase your Internet speed.

  These are your options:

  Test your Internet speed first

  ★ Before doing anything, find out exactly what your Internet speed is

  ★ Visit the

  SpeedTest website

  and run a speed test. You should test your Internet speed 3 or 4 times during a 24 hour period and run the test twice each time.

  This will give you very good information about your Internet speed and also tell you if it is fluctuating up and down at different

  times of the day.

  See what your Internet speed should be

  ★ Visit the

  ADSL2Exchanges website and enter your street address.

  This site will tell you the approximate distance to your local ADSL Exchange and the speed you should expect to have at

  that distance

  ★ You can contact Aussie Cabling to do an

  ADSL cable test at your home and identify if you have a problem

  Upgrade your phone cable & outlets

  ★ Upgrading your phone cable and outlets

  is very affordable and will achieve very good results for your ADSL connection.

  ★ By doing this you ensure that all existing connections are re-terminated and you can also make sure that

  the phone cable is properly shielded from any electricity cables or other hazards causing interference issues or your ADSL

  dropout problems

  Install an ADSL central filter

  ★ An ADSL Central Filter removes the

  ADSL signal from your phone line completely as it passes through your ceiling, allowing all the in-line filters to be

  removed and bypasses the alarm system and all the joins in the phone line which are bottlenecks and entry points for


  ★ One of your existing phone outlets will then become a dedicated ADSL outlet which you plug your ADSL

  modem directly into without using the in-line filter

  Install an Network Termination Device

  ★ A Network Termination Device

  is the Rolls Royce of devices to help increase your internet speed

  ★ It provides the same functionality as an

  ADSL Central Filter with the additional features of being installed on an exterior wall, providing a test point to test

  your service at the network boundary and removing more of the poorer quality lead-in cable from the ADSL connection.

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