How to hide hole in wall with cables coming out of it?


  I’m hoping someone has some ideas that could help us. We have a wall mounted TV in one room, and to keep it nice and neat and tidy with no cables on show, we drilled through the wall to the other side, put the cables through the wall, and plugged them in on the other side.

  We are now finally about to start decorating the room on the ‘other side’. So we need to hide the hole the cables come through, and also the cables themselves. We had thought of something like this:

  However we will be wallpapering the room, and even though the item above is in colour magnolia, it’ll still be fairly obvious on top of the wallpapered wall. I’d hoped to:

  1. wallpaper the wall, without the trunking on it, then

  2. wallpaper around the trunking unit itself, then

  3. stick the trunking unit on the wall.

  With the idea that it would all be covered in the same wallpaper and so look fairly well hidden. But I’m not sure that wallpaper would stick very well to plastic?

  Plus although the trunking would hide the cables, we still have the problem that I’m not 100% sure how we will hide the actual hole. The cables need to be accessible in case of issues in future, so I don’t want anything permanently blocking things up.

  I’ve taken a photo of the hole and the cables so you can see what I mean, and hopefully there is a photo of it on the link below:


  Does anyone have any good suggestions as to what we should do?

  Many thanks.

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