The 2019-20 NFL season is finally here and that means millions of fans are looking for the best and easiest way to watch every game. Whether you’re on a smartphone or tablet, or at home, the NFL Sunday Ticket remains one of the best options. And now, you can get the Sunday Ticket even if you cut the cord and canceled cable.

  In this guide we’ll show you how to get the NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV. While Thursday games will split on Amazon Prime and?Fox this year, you can watch everything with the NFL Ticket.

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  DirecTV offers standalone packages that are finally affordable, which is your best route. Plus, students can get the Sunday Ticket TV U (University) for under $100. Here’s how to get started.

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  How to Get the NFL Sunday Ticket Without DirecTV

  Check eligibility for Sunday Ticket TO-GO

  and more

  Our first method is something everyone can try to do, so we’ll start with that. And while the season is already over for several teams and QB1’s are injured, there’s still plenty of football to watch. What we’re trying to do here is get the NFL Sunday Ticket without paying for DirecTV. Essentially DirecTV will let users buy the Sunday Ticket without a cable subscription only if they live in an area DirecTV isn’t offered. A great example is a home where installing?a Satellite dish isn’t an option or someone on a college campus. That said, even if?you can get a dish, this method could still work for you.

  To start, simply go to the Directv website.

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  Let me say that again. If you can’t get DirecTV or don’t have a home that can use a satellite dish, you can still get the Sunday Ticket. You’re also eligible for the service if you live in a multi-unit building like an apartment, condo or dorm room.

  I have access to DirecTV at my house, yet this standalone package is?still available to me, oddly. One which I immediately took advantage of. They check eligibility with your address. We’ve also heard using a P.O. Box for your address during the online setup will show the location as unavailable, and let users select the stand-alone package. Or at least it did in 2018. Instantly giving you the Sunday ticket. Then sign in on a smartphone, laptop, or streaming device for all the action.

  Basically, you sign up for a standalone package and enjoy the Ticket without DirecTV. Here were the options last year, and they’re offering something similar for the 2019-20 season, although the MAX plan is $395, which is pretty damn expensive. DirecTV has?more info on the website.


  If your address is eligible, you actually have a few different packages you can choose from. Start with NFLST.TV To Go or pay top dollar for NFLST.TV Max.

  The Max bundle gives you the NFL Red Zone, that way you can catch every TD and almost all red-zone drives, which is nice. Not to mention Fantasy Zone so you can win your league and helps with stats and information week in and week out. This package costs $395.99 for the season or $99 per month, instead of the $359 we had to pay in previous years. The price goes up every season if feels like, which sucks.

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  Keep in mind that you can also upgrade at any moment to one of the more expensive plans. So, if you decide a few weeks in that you want more game action or the full Fantasy stats and analysis, just upgrade to the Max plan.

  Bonus Tip: If you renew your subscription in 2017 and again in 2018, you’re locked into the previous year’s lower prices, which is pretty awesome. We recommend signing up again today, as it’ll likely cost even more next year and you’ll want that grandfathered price.

  See, if you don’t have DirecTV you can still get the NFL Sunday Ticket starting at under $200.

  Sunday Ticket To-Go delivers everything you need for mobile devices only, at $199, or in four payments. This is strictly for mobile devices. It also works with a computer (just use HDMI out and stream it to an HDTV) as well as all smartphones and tablets. Well, with iOS and Android devices.


  Get the NFL Sunday Ticket for $99 With TV U (For College Students)

  DirecTV also offers a slightly more expensive “Connected Pass” option that allows access to over 200 regular Sunday NFL games on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and even Roku devices. And finally, NFL Sunday Ticket Max. This is the best route, but also costs an arm and a leg. With MAX $395 covers anything and everything, not to mention any and all devices. If you don’t have DirecTV give one of the choices above a try, although personally GO is the best choice overall.

  Can I Get the Sunday Ticket With AT&T TV Now?

  These days people everywhere are cutting the cord and ditching traditional cable. That’s why Sling TV, YouTube TV, and even AT&T TV Now?(Previously DirecTV Now) are so popular. They’re live TV streaming over the internet, no contracts, and you pay by the month.

  Unfortunately, NO YOU CANNOT get the NFL Sunday Ticket as an add-on if you use AT&T TV Now in 2019. This seems like a major oversight in my opinion, and it was an option in 2018. For whatever reason AT&T and DirecTV want you to pay for the $99 streaming-only option instead, which we detailed above.

  What About the Playoffs, Multi-streaming, and More?

  It’s worth noting that these standalone packages do have a few disadvantages. For one, you can’t watch the pre-season, or more importantly, the playoffs, with the Sunday Ticket. It’s only for the regular season. However, the playoffs are usually on bigger network channels, and always aired on TV, so you should be fine with an antenna or something like Sling TV.

  Additionally, you can only stream one game at a time, on one device at a time, unless you have the Max plan. This means no sharing the GO plan with friends and using the same login. I tried.

  Data charges also apply if users stream from a mobile device, which will eat up a 3GB data plan after one NFL game. Meaning you’ll need a WiFi connection or a truly unlimited data plan.

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  All said and done, give the link above a try and see if you’re eligible to get the NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV. Most likely your house is able to use a Dish, so this won’t work for everyone. If so, just buy a streaming plan and you’re all set. Otherwise, get Sling TV or YouTube TV, two of our favorite cable TV alternatives. Then, enjoy some hard-hitting football all season long.

  Finally, there are a lot of deals and free Sunday Ticket options for new subscribers, and with AT&T being the new owner of DirecTV they have some great wireless and TV bundles. We recommend you call AT&T and combine your bills to save a few dollars, and check on discounts for the Sunday Ticket. So, enjoy the season and Go Packers!

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